Can we reuse NEWSPAPERS?



Yes,we can reuse newspapers in many ways.Here we mentioned the simple way of reusing of newspapers in our day to day life.

1. Clean windows or glass. Dip crumpled newspaper into water mixed with a splash of white vinegar, and clean those windows up without any streaks or harmful chemicals!

2. Compost.You can reuse old paper bags and other miscellaneous bits of paper by turning them into rich and fertile soil for your garden to enjoy.But they need to be shredded first.

3. Make a weed barrier. If you�re building a raised bed, lay out pieces of newspaper before you fill it up with dirt. The paper will help keep weeds from invading.

4. Wrap some gifts. It�s fun to go through your papers to find cute and colorful pages to use as gift wrap. When I was a kid, we loved wrapping presents up in the Sunday funnies.Pack it up

5. Pack it up. Instead of plastic bubble wrap, wrap valuables in newspaper for shipping, and pad your box with more crumpled paper. You can take it a step further and include some ideas in the package for how your recipient can reuse all of that paper, too!

6.Barbecue cleaner.Turn off the barbecue and allow it to cool a little. Soak newspaper in water, lay the sheets over the warm barbecue grill, close the lid and leave for approximately an hour. Then simply remove the paper and wipe the grill clean.

7.Shape keeper.Ensure that your shoes and bags maintain their shape by stuffing them with crumpled newspaper after use.

8.Car floor covers.Lay folded newspaper on the floor of your vehicle � it will absorb water and help keep dirt off the carpet.

9.Storing fruit.Wrapping apples in old newspaper somewhere dry will keep them from rotting.

10.Pet Cage Liner.Newspaper and junk mail is perfect for lining a bird cage or shredding for hamster bedding. Just be sure that the paper you use is printed with non-toxic ink

Don�t waste paper � turn it into produce!

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