Capillary Technologies hosts #ready18′ summit in Singapore, empowering brands and businesses to be ‘Consumer-ready’

ACN Newswire - Dec 6, 2018 - Capillary
Technologies, one of Asia's leading Omnichannel CRM and E-commerce Solutions
Providers, hosted its technology-focused conference in Singapore. Dubbed
#ready2018, the event aimed to empower business leaders with the latest
business strategies to be consumer-ready, and uncover how technology is
fundamentally transforming e-commerce, startup and retail ecosystems in
Southeast Asia (SEA). 

Over 200 business owners, CXOs and startups graced the event with Capillary
Technologies leading the way by enabling the digital transformation of
businesses - showing them how the internet could make life quicker, more
comfortable and better.

SEA's 300+ million-strong internet users are set to grow to over 400 million by
2020, and its internet economy is projected to be worth US$200 billion by 2025.
With more than 70 million new internet users since 2015, the region is now
poised with greater digital disruption, SEA's internet users are the epitome of
the omnichannel consumer, buoyed by ever-evolving mobile technology consumption
and offline to online transactions, there is no dearth of opportunities for
them and the businesses that depend on them. 

Hot on the heels of this digital gold-rush, #ready18's conference discussed the
various aspects that would enhance the consumer and digital readiness of
brands. Through various insightful sessions by leaders from companies like
Nielsen, Twitter and Google, the event captured the need for the brands to
re-engineer their consumer strategy and ways in which they can create a growth
mindset within the company. The sessions also recognised that technology has
been a big disrupter in many sectors and how business can use technology to
their aid. 

The rising internet penetration has led to an unprecedented growth of the
digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region. According to Nielsen research the
APAC consumers spend approximately 6.5 hours online every day and 98% of them
have made online purchase, with fashion and travel claiming the highest share
of wallet. Millennial consumers have a very unique perspective, and brands need
to understand them better in order to tap the immense business potential that
they bring. They are hyper-connected and their consumption and recall of the
content is faster. It is imperative for brands to identify the most suitable
channels to reach out to this audience and align their strategy to what
resonates with them.

"It was great to see our attendees so keen and enthusiastic in the
exploring the opportunities that digital technology has to offer," said
Aneesh Reddy, Co-Founder and CEO of Capillary Technologies. "#ready18
brought together business leaders who are at the forefront of the changes
affecting the future of commerce and the conference provided a valuable
backdrop for us to discuss critical issues, such as the importance of digital
for enhancing consumer loyalty and the challenge of eliminating the cost and
complexities of digital transformation. The insights and discussions garnered
at over the course of one day reflected the defining developments we see
emerging from the continually evolving digital landscape."

Attendees were able to brush up on their knowledge of the best omnichannel
solutions in the market via interactive exhibits curated by Amazon Web
Services, Mindtree and Cloudcherry. Learners were also joined by Ganesh
Lakshminarayanan, COO of Capillary Technologies who was on hand to present an
exclusive masterclass on loyalty and CRM excellence.

Aneesh added: "We wanted to showcase that digital transformation is
seamless and easy for adoption and more importantly, how it could change their
businesses for the better. It was great to have our speakers help us spread the
message and we thank them for the immense show of support. I'm personally
looking forward to new advances in digital technology and can't wait to
showcase them next year at #ready19!"


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