Centurion Law Group Announces Intention to Pursue Public Listing

June 2019 - 
Law Group ("Centurion") is set to become the first
African legal and energy advisory firm to be publicly-listed this year, as it
prepares to join one of Europe's leading stock exchange.


represents a natural step for Centurion given the group's strong market share
within the oil & gas sector in sub-Saharan Africa and its increased


year, Centurion acquired IMANI-African Lawyers on Demand to launch Centurion
Plus, Africa's leading flexible legal services model that offers cost savings and
efficient flexible legal services across the continent. Through Centurion Plus,
corporate clients throughout Africa can select from a pool of approximately 190
carefully vetted, on-demand attorneys for temporary and project-based legal


has always differentiated itself by its ability to adapt to change, get the
deal done and being pan-African and Pro-African," declared CEO NJ Ayuk. "The
African legal market has changed a lot and we are proud to be a leader for
legal transformations in Africa. We are looking at being listed in a few months
and are truly excited about this new phase of growth for the company and for
our clients."

About Centurion

Centurion is a leading pan-African legal
and energy advisory group with extensive experience in the oil and gas sector.
The group provides outsourced legal representation and covers a full suite of
practice areas for its clients, including arbitration and commercial
litigation, corporate law, tax and anti-corruption advisory and contract negotiation.
Centurion specializes in assisting clients that are starting or growing a
business in Africa with offices and Affiliates in Ghana, Cameroon, Congo,
Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, South Sudan, Nigeria, Gabon, Angola and

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