Charging Mobile at Night is a National Waste

[caption id="attachment_919" align="aligncenter" width="507"]Charging of mobile phone Charging of mobile phone[/caption]For those who have habit of keeping mobile for charging at whole night.

After 2 hours of charging the mobile is fully charged and for the rest part of night it is connected without any purpose. As per a recent study approximately 4 watts are consumed during this time. It looks insignificant at personal level. But see the calculation details below:

4 watts x 6 hours of additional charging = 24 Watt-hours. Total active mobile users in India are 800 million. Suppose only 10 % people have this habit of whole night charging (actual % is much more) there are 8 crore Indians doing it everyday. 8 crore � 24 Watt hour = 19.2 lakh KWhrs (units) wasted every night for no reason.

This is 1920 MW power. Govt needs investment of Rs.5 crore to create one MW power generation . So GOI needs investment of approximately Rs.10,000 crore to cater to this power need.

There could be a little variation in above figures but it is still huge waste of national resource. So charge your mobile wisely. Don't waste energy. More over this bad habit has bad impact on battery life.

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