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Chery Builds “Bell Labs”

New energy and intelligent network research has entered a new phase

ROME--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Recently, the China New Energy Vehicle and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Chain Development Promotion Conference was held in Anhui Innovation Hall. The Anhui New Energy Vehicle and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Research Institute, led by Chery Group, was officially unveiled. It will undertake the important task of revolutionary and original technological breakthroughs while building a stronger image for "Technical Chery".

New energy, intelligent network - building the layout

On the basis of continuing to deepen the traditional fuel vehicle market, Chery Group has accelerated the deployment of new technologies such as “new energy”, intelligent network connection, shared travel platform and ecology. The Anhui New Energy Vehicle and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Research Institute, plans to invest in the construction of a series of special original laboratories to create a "Bell Lab" belonging to Chery Automobile Manufacturing (Bell Lab: The greatest human beings in the 20th century. One of the labs, out of 15 Nobel Prize scientists, created more than 30,000 patents). At the promotional meeting, Chery Group also displayed OMODA5 and other models and intelligent exhibits, and released relevant technical achievements and future plans.

Original Innovation of Chery Research Institute - Accelerating Breakthrough

Based on the new energy and intelligent connected vehicle technology development and public service platform in Anhui Province, China, the research institute aims to build a new energy and intelligent connected vehicle platform, and is committed to breaking through a series of key bottleneck technologies for new energy and intelligent connected vehicles. The research institute mainly includes two parts: the automobile research institute and the industrial incubation center. The automobile research institute covers platform development, power system development, Chery's "Yaoguang Laboratory", and the autonomous driving test field. The establishment of the research institute is an important strategic layout for Chery to accelerate the breakthrough of its independent innovation capability.

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