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Chinese Enterprise By-Health Launches the World’s First Personalized Customized Vitamin Concept Product, Leading the Industrialization of Precision Nutrition.

ZHUHAI, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On December 19th, By-Health took the lead in launching the first personalized customized vitamin concept product at the conference of "Definition of Nutrition Intelligence", which brought new breakthroughs to related research and development in the field of precision nutrition. Hundreds of guests, including Randy W.Schekman, winner of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, witnessed the release of the concept products and became the first batch of future nutrition experiencers.

As the first personalized customized vitamin concept product, it is also the first personalized vitamin solution, which will mean that the future health of human beings is heading for a new era of "personalized customization", which is of great significance to improving the quality of human health and life.

It is reported that this product is mainly released by By-Health, a global leader in dietary supplements from China, after years of research. Since 2016, precision nutrition research has been carried out, and China By-Health has been constantly exploring ways to achieve precision nutrition. The final landing and transformation of this cutting-edge scientific research development will promote the global healthy consumer market to further develop in the direction of precision and personalization.

Lin Zhicheng, CEO of China By-Health, said that personalized customization of vitamin concept products is the first practice to realize precise nutrition intervention. The long-term goal of By-Health scientific nutrition is to achieve comprehensive health intervention, including precise nutrition intervention, homeostasis health and many other frontier studies are being promoted. In the future, By-Health will continue to bring more new experiences to human healthy life with scientific nutrition.


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