Clever Fox Press Charitable Publishing House Presents “The Story of Rugby Town in 15 Tail Wags.” Does Your Town Have a Book?

Clever Fox Press Charitable Publishing House Presents

Rugby, United Kingdom, August 17, 2019 --( Clever Fox Press presents a book dedicated to the town of Rugby, Warwickshire (United Kingdom). A publishing house with a small budget and a big heart which donates all of its profits to charitable causes, invites everyone to discover Rugby, this bustling Midlands town best known for being the birthplace of the game of Rugby Football (but is so much more than that).

From reforming England's public education to inspiring the modern Olympics and Harry Potter, from being a major player in the development of the jet engine to becoming a home to the world's most powerful telegraph transmitter as well as the first international telephone call, this town in the heart of England is the king of Britain's towns.

And who is best to tell its story than Tommy the Learned Cat, a smartly dressed feline gentleman whose family could be traced back to Dr Thomas Arnold's favourite pet. So sit back, make yourself comfortable, don't stick your nose, hands, feet or tail out the windows of our fun tour bus, make sure you turn your head left and right, wave at the pedestrians, smile at everyone you meet... and listen. Tommy has a story to tell.

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