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CLO Virtual Fashion and PTC Launch First Integration between CLO 3D Garment Design Software and FlexPLM 

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#3ddesign--CLO Virtual Fashion, a leader in 3D garment simulation technology, is proud to announce their partnership with PTC to provide the first-ever integration between PTC’s state of the art PLM platform, FlexPLM® and CLO via CLO’s standard PLM plugin CLO-Vise, facilitating a more seamless and efficient end-to-end digital workflow for apparel industries.

Through this groundbreaking integration, users are now able to acquire and share vital product information directly between FlexPLM and CLO, making data transfer between the two solutions more seamless than ever before. The much-anticipated integration provides brands and designers with a unified solution through the capability to access the entire spectrum of product information such as color, trims, and material libraries from FlexPLM- all from within the CLO software. In addition, 3D products can now be uploaded directly to FlexPLM from CLO.

This new integration between FlexPLM and CLO will enable brands within the apparel industry to reduce time, development costs, and material consumption, facilitating a more sustainable and efficient product development process by increasing designer efficiency and productivity and enhancing the entire digital workflow.

“Retail is experiencing unprecedented disruption. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to ecommerce, speed to market has become even more critical and supply chains are facing additional complexities. 3D design is such a vital tool for brands and retailers who need to design and develop products faster, efficiently, and more cost-effectively than ever before, in order to meet the demands of today’s digital consumer,” says Bill Brewster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of PTC’s Retail Business Unit. “We’re delighted to have partnered with CLO to integrate their 3D technology with our industry-leading FlexPLM solution to bring this deep and feature rich integration to market, in order to help our customers realize the full value of 3D. This partnership and integration reaffirms why industry analysts such as IDC believe we’re the most mature and full featured Retail PLM solution.”

The CLO-Vise Plugin, which enables this cutting-edge integration, can now be purchased through a yearly subscription plan.

“Our initiative was to develop a standard plugin that is highly scalable and developed in agile methodology by collaborating with PLM vendors and their clients,” says Alex Kim, API Product Manager at CLO Virtual Fashion and lead of the CLO-Vise Integration project. He continues, “CLO-Vise will bridge the gap between CLO and PLM solutions for a seamless experience in data changes thereby shortening the time-to-market with Digital Product Creation. We are extremely excited for this partnership with PTC to provide our mutual clients a native integration between CLO and FlexPLM enabling a seamless digital-only end-to-end workflow.”

About PTC:

PTC leads the PLM industry for retail, footwear and apparel. Since introducing the world’s first fully-web-based PLM solution, we have become a trusted PLM partner to over 150 iconic apparel, footwear, fashion, and retail customers and more than 1,000 brands that use our FlexPLM platform to create amazing products. Today, in excess of 211,000 people use PTC FlexPLM on a daily basis – with more than 50,000 of them in the global supply chain. We support them with a worldwide army of dedicated retail specialists, on the ground in every major fashion hub. To learn more, visit:

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About CLO Virtual Fashion:

With more than 15 years of research and development in garment simulation, CLO envisions their technology to become not only the tool to create virtual garments but also the platform to provide valuable data about garments, designs, and trends. Their products include CLO (3D design software for apparel designers and brands), Marvelous Designer (3D design software for character artists at gaming and animation companies), Benefit by CLO (virtual fitting platform), and CLO-SET (communications and archiving platform for virtual garments). CLO Virtual Fashion is a global company with offices in New York, Munich, Los Angeles, Madrid, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangalore. For more information, visit:

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