Cloudnymous Expands Its Elastic Anonymous VPN Service

Cloudnymous, the first cloud-based anonymity service, has expanded its number of available VPN servers locations. Cloudnymous's VPN servers are now located in 8 countries around the globe, and scaling up to new locations is fully automated.

Chisinau, Moldova, October 11, 2012 --( Securely surfing the Web incognito isn't a prerogative of hackers only. Everyone wants to keep his or her personal data safe and remain anonymous in certain situations. The anonymous surfing market has many players, but Cloudnymous is the first one to offer cloud-based VPN software as a service.

Taking advantage of cloud computing opportunities is often a game changer in various internet markets and VPN services are no exception. For example, the hardware resources available to a VPN server can be automatically expanded or collapsed, depending on demand. This scalability property is often referred to as elastic computing.

The Cloudnymous team proposes that the elasticity enabled by cloud computing allows them to offer an affordable pricing model. The user puts money into his or her account and spends it only when connecting to a server. There are no monthly subscription plans, and money is spent only when a user actually uses the service.

“Due to the rapid increase in our customer base, we have expanded the number of VPN server locations throughout Asia and the U.S. West Coast, and we are ready to expand even further,” says Cloudnymous Lead Developer Ruslan Sologub.

Pricing and availability

The price for the service is calculated as “pay-per-use.” Prices start from $0.15 for daily paid servers, $4.25 for monthly paid servers, and $0.05 per GB for traffic paid servers.


Cloudnymous is a global technology services company and the leading cloud VPN service provider. Founded in 2012, the company provides an affordable yet secure way to surf the Web by applying cloud computing technologies to online anonymity. With fully automated operational processes, the company easily accommodates any increased demand for its services.

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