Club Med Launches Super Brand Day With Fliggy To Highlight Transformative Holidays

Enjoy Premium All-Inclusive Holiday at Club Med, Bring Home More Than Just Memories


 - April 19,
2019 - Club Med
has launched Super
Brand Day
with Fliggy, a renowned Chinese online travel
platform under the Alibaba brand, making it even easier for Chinese consumers
to enjoy all-inclusive, hassle-free
holidays at Club Med resorts and bring home more than
just memories. With the
release of
the Super
Brand Day campaign marks the official
announcement of Club Med's upgraded
brand concept -- Bring Home More Than Just Memories - which highlights the power
of transformative family holidays in Club Med resorts.
The brand promotion
will start officially on April 18 on Fliggy and last for two days.


Med and Fliggy will launch the Super Brand Day at Club Med's beautiful resort
in Sanya, Hainan, while further demonstrating Club Med's new upgrade to its
brand image and key concept.
discussing the trending topic of "Dad Take
Care of the Kids" and the "Role that Dad Play
in a Family"
and giving
feasible solutions, the
helps provide tangible meaning to Club Med's
new brand concept of "Transformative Holidays".
Med resorts will now focus on offering customers a holiday experience that goes
beyond generating long-lasting memories, and aims to enrich guests with
transformative experiences that will permeate into their day-to-day lives.


Club Med Greater China CEO, Gino (Right) and
General Manager of International Business at Fliggy, GUO (Left)


Under the themes of confidence,
togetherness, new tastes, new friends and independence, the experiences to be
had at Club Med will allow guests to discover a different self, strengthen
family bonds, indulge in the realm of senses, make new friends, learn to think
independently and embrace a brand new self after the holiday.


Driven by its philosophy that the whole family
should enjoy every second spent together at its resorts, through the Sanya
resort's re-launch, Club Med seeks to encourage guests to maximize their "me
time", "you time" and "we time".
"Me time" focuses on
relaxing the senses, allowing parents to sip cocktails and relax on the be
ach, or experience stimulating
activities while the kids are in the safe hands of the resort's qualified G.Os in
the Mini Club
having fun and making friends
. Under "you time", kids will
be wild with excitement from the variety of exhilarating artistic and sporty
activities on offer,
their creativity and developing their soft skills. "
brings the family together again to share beautiful moments created through
spontaneous activities, games and challenges that will bring surprises to


The upgrade to Club Med's brand coincides with
a launch of the Sanya resort's new 'Must
Experiences. Customers can relieve all tensions and anxieties through
yoga on the beach delivered by the resort's experienced instructor, for more
excitement and stimulation, an outdoor trapeze will leave guests feeling like
circus stars,
matter 4-year-old children or well-trained adults.

In addition, the Amazing Family programme pioneered by Club Med provides
activities such as building boats using recycled material will be the perfect
opportunity for families to work together while learning about environmental
sustainability. To stimulate the taste buds, guests can also sample the ocean's
delights through a large seafood buffet and roasted lobsters, while sipping on
the resort's homebrewed
beer with views overlooking the stunning South China Sea.
What is more, Club Med Sanya was chosen as the top
1 Hotels for Families in China, and was selected for the first time in the
World Traveler's Choice Family and Traveler's Choice All-Inclusive Resorts;
number 3 in the list of Hotels for Families and number 2 in the list of
Traveler's Choice All-Inclusive Resorts in Asia.

on the consumer insights, the presented travel
tips for different types of dads.
of the
workaholic dad
or the dad
who has little experience in parenting children, with help from G.Os, dads can
join moms and kids to have the best family time at Club Med,
and learn to take more responsibility to the family.


are very proud and excited to become Fliggy's partner." Said Gino, Club Med Greater
China CEO, "The Super Brand Day facilitates the entire travel industry to move
to a
'Strong Brand' era
. The cooperation gives the opportunity for us to
talk with our guest; to show our brand culture and our transformative holiday
concept; and to continuously provide 'Premium All-Inclusive' holiday products
to our guests.


Mr Guo, General Manager
of International Business at Fliggy, added: "We are delighted to have Club Med
becoming our partner, to understand consumers and build real connections
between the brand and consumers. We create the Super Brand Day offering a
platform that both sides can have in-depth and equal communications. We are
very pleased to see that not only Club Med launches their customized products
on our website, but also offers practical solutions for consumers."

Club Med has prepared affordable and high-quality
travel packages for the upcoming Super Brand Day Event to reward the guests who
have always supported the brand.
Below is the full list of promotions:

Products Sales:

Promotion Events:

Club Med Sanya Resort, up to 45% off

Club Med Joyview Anji resort price starts from
for weekdays and ¥999 for weekends.

Club Med Joyview Golden Coast resort price
starts from ¥816 for weekdays.

Club Med island resorts, up to 40% off.

Start to
book Club Med ski resorts from late 2019 to early 2020, including Club Med
Beidahu, Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido, Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido and Club Med
Grand Massif Samoens-Morillon.


¥20 Threshold-free coupon

Limited coupon: ¥800
will be
deducted if spend ¥5,000 or more;

Limited coupon: ¥500 will be
if spend ¥10,000
or more;

¥300 will be deducted if spend ¥12,000 or

The top 500 purchasers will receive a customized
gift pack.

The top 50 dads who book a trip with their 2-3-year-old
children will get a one-day free mini club experience.


Club Med's premium
all-inclusive holidays are completely hassle-free and offer a unique holiday
experience for all the family, promising a transformative holiday experience
and lasting memories for all. To
get Club Med Fliggy Super Brand Day promotion details, please visit
Club Med Fliggy Super Brand Day

About Club Med

Club Med, founded in 1950 by Gérard Blitz,
invented the all-inclusive holiday club concept, adding in activities
especially for children with the creation of the Mini Club in 1967. Led by its
pioneering spirit, Club Med seeks out exceptional destinations and sites.
Today, Club Med is the world's leading provider of upscale, all-inclusive
holiday packages with a French touch for families and working couples. Club Med
operates nearly 70 resorts, of which 85% are rated Premium & Exclusive
Collection. Present in 30 countries around the world, the Group employs more
than 23,000 Gentils Organisateurs (G.Os) and Gentils Employés (G.Es), and
representing 110 nationalities.

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