Compare Parts Launches a Performance and Aftermarket Car Part Comparison Site In World First

Compare Parts Launches a Performance and Aftermarket Car Part Comparison Site In World First

In a global first, Compare Parts has launched a comparison website that is specifically aimed at aftermarket and performance car parts.

Online PR News � 07-November-2018 � In a global first, Compare Parts ( has launched a new comparison website that is specifically aimed at aftermarket and performance car parts. For the first time, owners of performance vehicles will be able to analyse the performance and aftermarket parts market to find the best deal for any parts they might happen to need. The entrepreneur behind the site said that the launch of Compare Parts as an internet resource that is available to all marks a step change in the way that the online aftermarket and performance car market will function.

Compare Parts is the brainchild of Shahin Fard, the CEO of Bravr, a leading London-based digital marketing agency. His vision has seen Compare Parts finally come to fruition in a manner which will be of benefit to all sorts of performance car owners as well as many online retailers in the market globally who will unlock new customers.

Indeed, Fard is a self-described car enthusiast who, from a young age, has both built and raced various cars. Having clocked up some two decades worth of experience in building and racing performance vehicles, he decided to combine his passion for motorsport with his expertise in digital marketing and Compare Parts was born. No other site offers the chance to compare the market specifically for performance car parts and having identified a considerable gap in the market Fard decided to put his considerable resources into making a success of it.

"Compare Parts is built for car enthusiasts by car enthusiasts," Fard said when the site first went live. "It was built primarily to help the car enthusiast community to find great deals with both high-performance and aftermarket car parts. What we have done is to build a sophisticated system to normalise data from different retailers to make it easier for all car owners to search and to find exactly what it is they are looking for."

Fard went on to add that the concept behind the site is not commercially driven and that it really provides a service that people like him have been looking for. "Many retailers who feature on the site are not monetised," he said. "They might be added simply because they have a unique product or offering to share with the world."

The website has been carefully designed to help car owners and enthusiasts to save both time and money. It is also there to serve the needs of both garages and motorsport racing teams to track down often highly specialist aftermarket and performance parts for their vehicles. Compare Parts has a number of features which are fast and simple to operate. For example, it supports multiple currencies and has an advertiser base that stretches right across the globe. In fact, at its launch, the website listed in the region of 40,000 aftermarket and performance car parts. The site's backers believe this will only go on to increase as new retailers are already saying that they want to take part and list their offering on the website on an almost daily basis.

Compare Parts has a user friendly layout which belies the sophistication that is going on in the background. There are three ways users can search for the part they need as well as a free-form text search with predictive entry. It is possible to search by category, vehicle or brand. Any category search that is performed breaks down easily into logically related sub-divisions which users can efficiently toggle between. All of the results are displayed clearly for users to browse with the pricing on show plus a helpful guide to how many retailers offer the particular part that is being viewed. Users can repeat searches, filter them and take filters off, as preferred. Fard said that this simple approach makes it incredibly easy to drill down to the sort of part a user of the site may be looking for and to quickly establish the price of each item.

From an advertiser's point of view, Compare Parts makes a lot of sense. Not only does the site provide qualified traffic with a reach that gets to every corner of the world, but it allows for increased revenue streams thanks to the business that is generated from a truly targeted audience. Even during the pre-launch phase, Compare Parts found that advertisers were informing them that they found it very cost effective to be featured on the site. With no similar website that caters for the niche market of performance car parts, advertisers have so far only reported their enthusiasm for the professionally run digital service.

Given the unique nature of this world first service, Compare Parts has cornered the market in providing much-needed digital services to the performance and aftermarket car part industry. Few would argue with the utility of Fard's original vision for such a website. They may be astounded to hear, however, that what drove him was the aim to give something back to the car enthusiast community, one that in Fard's words - is joined together for the love of all things automotive.


�Compare Parts is built for car enthusiasts by car enthusiasts�

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