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CORRECTING and REPLACING Supplyframe Commodity Intelligence Quarterly Provides Manufacturers With Critical Market Intelligence

New CIQ Solution Delivers Unparalleled Insights for the Global Electronics Value Chain

PASADENA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Please replace the release with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.

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New CIQ Solution Delivers Unparalleled Insights for the Global Electronics Value Chain

Electronics industry commodity information traditionally has been fragmented and incomplete � and that has limited the ability of supply chain, procurement, and product operations leaders to proactively reduce risks and act on emerging opportunities in the market. Supplyframe�s new Commodity Intelligence Quarterly (CIQ) delivers connected, contextual, and forward-looking expert insights on market dynamics, pricing, lead time, demand, and design cycle dynamics impacting supplier, regional, and raw material trends related to electronic component engineering and sourcing strategies.

This new solution diagnoses major electronic commodity groups and subgroups, including the far-reaching and interconnected COVID-19 impacts that remain in the form of steep demand recoveries, extended lead times, and dramatic raw material and component price escalations.

�CIQ is more than information, it�s intelligence � uncovering historical trends plus current and forecast supply, demand, market, lead time, and pricing analysis,� said Steve Flagg, CEO and founder of Supplyframe. �The actionable intelligence that CIQ delivers enables organizations to more effectively navigate the now and better chart their courses for the next new normal.�

The world�s reliance on electronics components, particularly semiconductors; the unexpected surge in demand and resulting shortage in semiconductors in the automotive sector; and a recent Dimensional Research report indicate that the time is ripe for CIQ.

�Semiconductor shortages in the automotive industry highlight the need for supply chain leaders to leverage multi-tiered supply chain insights to increase resilience,� said Douglas Kent, executive vice president of strategy and alliances at the Association for Supply Chain Management.

The Dimensional Research report revealed 99% of global manufacturing electronic component decision-makers see direct benefits from sourcing and engineering collaboration. Yet the same survey notes that 91% of these decision-makers have delayed product launches due to sourcing; 85% could not effectively source designed-in components; and 81% were forced to make expensive spot buys due to limited electronics commodity availability.

With CIQ, manufacturers can safeguard their businesses from such costly and frustrating scenarios. No other intelligence service provides both engineering and sourcing signals � based on billions of intent, demand, and risk parameters via Supplyframe Design-to-Source Intelligence (DSI) network � that offer a framework for tactical and strategic decision-making.

�Supply market intelligence is becoming as valuable as best-in-class technology when designing resiliency into parts, components, finished goods, and supply chains,� said Jason Busch, founder of Spend Matters. �Businesses that rely on semiconductors and electronic components need tailored, category-specific information to reduce business risk and expand their opportunities. This calls for pinpoint intelligence services such as CIQ that were designed from the ground up for specific industries and users.�

CIQ is derived from critical, real-world insights and the commodity management expertise of industry leaders and Supplyframe DSI Network partners, as well as industry and market research providers including more than 500 companies across the electronics value chain, from IDMs to OEMs and from suppliers to distributors and EMS providers. Derived demand and design cycle insights are identified from billions of signals from engagement across the DSI Network including more than 70+ vertical search, community and content sites, more than 10 million monthly engagements from engineering and procurement professionals, more than $120 billion in annual direct materials spend management, and more than $500 million of ecommerce transactions.

Contributors to CIQ include commodity, sourcing, and engineering professionals including more than 30 subject matter experts managing hundreds of millions of dollars of design and procurement spending.

CIQ is also unique in its ability to deliver historical and forecast detail on market dynamics, pricing, and lead time analysis across the entire electronic component landscape.

�Millions of engineers and sourcing professionals already use Supplyframe DSI solutions,� said Flagg. �That�s why only Supplyframe CIQ can offer a unified commodity intelligence workflow for enhanced collaboration. CIQ represents the value of the DSI Network and reflects Supplyframe�s commitment to delivering new forms of insights and prescriptive analytics.�

Discover CIQ on the Supplyframe website.

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