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CR Asia Group Announces Rebranding and Name Change to CR3

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CR Asia Group announced a rebranding of its name to CR3 together with a new corporate logo reflecting our strategic emphasis on sustainability and clean energy. CR3 will continue to build on the group�s reputation for excellence in energy engineering solutions while pursuing future opportunities in the energy transition to a lower carbon economy.

The CR3 brand and logo will replace the CR Asia name used in the past on our organization, operations, and logo. With a 30-year history, CR3 is a leading energy engineering solutions business operating across Asia serving customers in 18 Asian countries from its permanent bases in Singapore, Thailand, India, and Malaysia. Our new CR3 brand is committed to expanding further beyond our traditional markets in Asia to better serve our clients.

The new CR3 brand identity comes at an important time as our customers who operate in a variety of industries pursue continuous improvements in energy efficiency and decarbonization. The new logo connects CR3�s past experience with future opportunities. CR3�s number �3� signifies the 3rd iteration of the Group�s name after former names Contract Resources and CR Asia as well as highlighting our 3 decades of operations across our 3 core skills in ENERGY efficiency, ENGINEERING excellence, plus sustainable SOLUTIONS. CR3�s vibrant green logo highlights the importance of sustainability to our market. The combination of mechanical and data-driven typography perfectly embodies our commitment to continuously develop and expand in the energy sector beyond Asia, as well as a greater focus on adding innovative and sustainable engineering solutions.

�The corporate name change is a significant milestone for us as it offers a more focused message of providing energy efficient solutions to meet today�s carbon challenges. Our new brand sharpens our market image of who we are and what makes CR3 unique. We believe that this distinctive identity will guide and accelerate our business growth and evolution,� said Mark Stansfield, CEO of CR3. �This new visual identity is designed to mark a new chapter for CR3 group of companies and clearly differentiates CR3 in the market for our customers.�

The CR3 visual identity will be seen across all the business assets, company names, and communications and will be implemented over the next several months. CR3�s branding and messaging will accentuate its position as a leading provider of energy engineering solutions while facilitating a low carbon transition for new and existing customers.

David Young, CR3�s Business Development Manager and a key driver in CR3�s rebranding strategy, said, �CR3�s visual identity will stand out in the energy landscape for our partners and customers. Our new website, new logo, branding, tools, and resources are precisely what CR3 needs to keep up with our future plans, and we will continue to offer comprehensive solutions with a more customer-centric approach. The timing is perfect as it comes shortly after the acquisition by ShawKwei & Partners and will help CR3 stand out from the competition.�

CR3�s new logo is effective immediately and will be implemented across the Group�s companies, solutions, assets, services, products and equipment.


About CR3 Group

Established in 1991, CR3 Group (formerly known as CR Asia Group) provides energy engineering solutions to customers through its permanent facilities in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and India. CR3 Group is dedicated to becoming the leading provider of energy engineering solutions across Asia, serving world-class customers in asset-intensive industries such as energy production, chemical processing, and power.


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