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Crest View International Announces Relocation of Corporate Headquarters

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Crest View International Limited has announced that the company has completed the temporary relocation of its corporate headquarters to Taipei, Taiwan. The operation was concluded in April, 2020.

The initial plans were to facilitate and expand the company's research and analysis division in Hong Kong. However, due to the increasing pressure from the coronavirus pandemic and local unrest, an executive decision was implemented to temporarily relocate the corporate headquarters and new research division to Taipei.

"We are all extremely passionate about the work that we conduct here at Crest View International, and assisting our clients with financial management activities remain our top priority amidst the growing uncertainty of the economic climate. We are also concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our members of staff. The decision to relocate our headquarters temporarily was to enable our members of staff to continue to work and assist our clients in times of need," commented Mr. Cheng Kun, Chief Executive Officer at Crest View International.

Taiwan's handling of the coronavirus outbreak has received international praise for its effectiveness and preparation. Michael Ryan from the World Health Organization has recently highlighted Taiwan's "very good public health response" at a briefing in Geneva.

"Our new temporary headquartered office in Taipei will enable us at Crest View International to continue servicing our clients and handling their needs at such a crucial time in history," added Mr. Michael Kennedy, Head of Corporate Trading at Crest View International.

Financial markets have rallied higher in recent trading sessions, with client sentiment suggesting that investor confidence is growing, as they pin their hopes to a breakthrough treatment for COVID-19.

About Crest View International

Crest View International Limited is a private wealth management company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Crest View International manages over $8.7 billion (USD) on behalf of its clients from around the world.

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