Custom Rubber Keyrings – Designing the Perfect Promotional Tools

Would you like to make stunning and attractive custom rubber keyrings to promote your business? Of course, this is a marketing opportunity both established businesses and startups would embrace.

Custom rubber keyrings are comprised of a keyring and a small rubber pendant attached together to carry keys. They are used for home, office, business, or car keys. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of these keyrings to brand their businesses. Now that you have read this far, it means you are interested, and we will take you through the process of designing the best custom keyrings.

Understand What You Want and Plan

Custom rubber keyrings come in various designs to suit the needs of different clients. These clients determine the perfect design for them by assessing their needs. Mostly, it is about providing a functional rubber keyring with the brand logo to raise awareness about your brand.

Entrepreneurs or organisations that need custom keyrings should list their goals clearly before approaching the keyring seller. Therefore, all their needs should be incorporated when making the design.

Research Various Designs for Custom Rubber Keyrings

Again, it is good to know various trending designs before making custom rubber keyrings. Will it be a flat shape with an embossed logo, or will it be a 3D design moulded after your logo? Will it display your business colours or general colours? How big should it be?

Well, having answers to these questions will help in making a compelling design as well as moving your strategy fast for quicker results.

Hire a Professional Rubber Keyring Seller

You want the best custom rubber keyrings to promote your business or organisation, right? Now you need a professional manufacturer or retailer. The Rocket Badge company comes in handy if you are in the UK and neighbouring regions because they can make perfect custom rubber keyrings and ship them to you.

If you have to look for any other supplier, be sure they have a good reputation for making perfect rubber keyrings from high-quality and eco-friendly materials. Also, checking customer care services matters to avoid various challenges during the process. Lastly, check the price of various designs of custom rubber keyrings and make a decision.

Customise the Rubber Keyrings

Where does customisation come in? It is all about making a unique rubber keyring that will stand out and share the rich history of your brand. You can customise the colours, size, design, and overall theme using the catalogue provided by the seller on their website.

It is also possible to amend the design until it is perfect before it is given to users. An attractive design will entice the users to carry the custom keyrings daily and thus promote the company effectively.

Distribute Custom Rubber Keyrings to the Right Users

Keyrings are meant to help people organise their keys. While almost every person may need a keyring, it is good to highly target the right users. For instance, an IT business can target corporate professionals and college or university students as opposed to younger people. This will make the strategy more effective as the custom rubber keyrings will be used and seen by the right people.


Custom rubber keyrings are affordable and effective promotional tools that you should embrace in your business immediately. Apart from attracting new customers, they will encourage your usual customers to be loyal, which is very good for business growth. The good thing is that now it is easy to design these promotional items.

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