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Daigas Gas and Power Solution Was Awarded FEED and Technical Consulting Service Contract for LNG Receiving Terminal Expansion Project in Taiwan

OSAKA, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Daigas Gas and Power Solution Co., Ltd. (DGPS), 100% subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (OG) (TOKYO:9532), has been awarded Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) and technical consulting service for the Phase-4 Expansion Project of Taichung LNG Receiving Terminal owned and operated by CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC).

The Taiwanese government has been pursuing an energy policy which targets nuclear power phase-out and reduction of greenhouse gas emission. Under this energy policy, the government is planning to increase the share of natural gas in power generation to 50% by 2025 and CPC is expanding its LNG regasification and storage capacity in tandem with the plan.

The Phase-4 Expansion Project includes building 4 LNG storage tanks (each with 180,000 kl storage capacity), regasification facilities and a jetty for LNG tankers. After the completion of this project scheduled in 2029, LNG handling capacity of Taichung LNG Receiving Terminal will increase to 13 million ton per annum. (*1)

OG has accumulated skills and know-how for efficient and safe LNG receiving terminal operation and maintenance through the experiences at its world-class terminals since the arrival of its first LNG cargo in 1972.

DGPS�s first business experience with CPC dates back to 1990 when Osaka Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. (OGE, a predecessor company of DGPS), provided technical support for the commissioning of CPC�s Yung-An LNG Receiving Terminal. Since then, OGE/DGPS has established close business relationship with CPC through continuous involvement in CPC�s LNG receiving terminals including the ongoing technical consulting service for the construction of CPC�s third LNG receiving terminal in Guantang, Taoyuan City.(*2) DGPS believes that Daigas Group�s technical capabilities for designing, construction and operation of LNG receiving terminal and its own relentless efforts and contributions in the preceding projects were highly evaluated by CPC when awarding DGPS the FEED and technical consulting service contract for the Phase-4 Expansion Project. DGPS is committed to keep providing a high level of technical services (*3) to CPC for the successful completion of the Phase-4 Expansion Project of Taichung LNG Receiving Terminal.

Daigas Group including DGPS is going to expand its overseas energy business from upstream to downstream by fully utilizing its experiences in and out of Japan and its existing overseas business platforms.


Based on the information in �Feasibility Study Report on Taichung plant outer port expansion (Phase-4)�


�Osaka Gas Engineering to Provide Consulting Services on Construction of LNG Receiving Terminals in Taiwan� - Press release of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. on May 17, 2018


DGPS has provided technical consulting services related to the construction, operation and maintenance of LNG receiving terminal for 40 projects in 9 countries including Taiwan





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