datapine Identifies Top Business Intelligence Trends for 2019

Artificial intelligence, data management, analytics, connected clouds – software experts explore the future of business intelligence.

Berlin, Germany, December 14, 2018 --( The rise of innovative technologies, highlighted in the dynamic startup scene in Berlin, has produced forecasts that will make top news in the next days, all gathered in the research article Top 10 Analytics and Business Intelligence Trends for 2019:

1. Data Quality Management – the quality and context of data usage.
2. Data Discovery – visualizing the vast amount of data in our big data world.
3. Artificial Intelligence – combining AI with autonomous things and increasing the level of sophistication.
4. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Tools – using analytics to predict the future.
5. Connected Clouds – moving data into a number of different clouds.
6. Data Governance And Trust – striking a balance between data access and security.
7. Security – Digital Ethics And Privacy – data breaches, GDPR (in EU) and CCPA (in the USA).
8. Growing Importance of the CDO & CAO – Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer – one of the most important positions in a company.
9. Collaborative Business Intelligence – the inclusion of collaboration tools, including social media and other 2.0 technologies.
10. Consumer Experience – technology implementation to gather and analyze data, and predict the consumers’ behavior.

The research was originally published here:

datapine, a software company located in the heart of Berlin, featured in The Huffington Post, Data Science Central, T3N, Australian Times, CIO Review, every year publishes a research made by industry experts, predicting the future of BI and technologies that will disrupt the world’s tech and business environment. With clients from around the world, for example, Axel Springer, and R+V, their authority in the field grows with each business intelligence trend that is implemented in software solutions.

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