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DB HiTek Expands Image Sensor Portfolio by Developing Global Shutter and SPAD Technologies


  • Completed development of 110nm-based Global Shutter Process and SPAD Process
  • Targets various applications including automotive, industrial machine vision, AR/VR wearables, etc.

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DB HiTek announced that the company has developed 110nm based global shutter and SPAD (Single Photon Avalanche Diode) processes and that DB HiTek will be expanding the specialized image sensor business.

Global shutter senses image information in all pixels at the same time to record the precise video and image without distortion even when shooting a quickly moving object. Global shutter is also capable of recognizing the form of object in a high degree of precision. Recently, global shutter is actively applied on industrial machine visions and it is also applicable on various applications such as automotive, drone, and inspection camera.

Based on 110nm BSI process, DB HiTek�s global shutter is applied with light shield, and light guide technologies. It also shows 99.99% performance of GSE (Global Shutter Efficiency) and holds a technical competence in varying pixel sizes of at least 2.8um.

SPAD(Single Photon Avalanche Diode) is a sensing technology that senses a light signal as week as single-photon level. SPAD identifies the Time of Flight (ToF) for the light reflected from the subject to reach the sensor to measure the distance to the object. With its strengths of long distance and high precision, SPAD is actively applied on LiDAR or ToF for automotive and it is also utilized on various applications such as smartphone, AR/VR wearables, surveillance camera, and industrial machine vision.

DB HiTek secured @905nm photon-detection probability of 3.8% based on 110nm FSI process and it plans to secure BSI process and complete development of PDP 7%@905nm within the year.

To help fabless customers enter the specialized image sensor market on time and have product competitiveness, DB HiTek will continue on providing diverse customer support programs and plans to hold MPW for global shutter and SPAD in upcoming September.

For more information, please contact DB HiTek marketing team at [email protected].

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