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DearMob Covid-19 Giveaway Promo for iPhone 12 Buyers to Migrant iPhone Data Safely

Switch to 5G iPhone 12? Use DearMob iPhone Manager to safely transfer everything from old to new iPhone 12 for Free

CHENGDU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--$deals #AppleEvent--DearMob is welcoming iPhone 12 buyers and pre-orderers to download and have a taste of the free full version of its tagline product – DearMob iPhone Manager - right after the second half #Applevent on Oct. 13. Along with the giveaway, a pictorial guide is also shared to introduce its tier-one functions on how to move everything from old iPhone to new iPhone 12 series without data loss, helping iPhone 12 users safely and quickly get all stuff settled on the new devices and keep files well-organized for more storage space.

Enter the guide and giveaway here: https://www.5kplayer.com/iphone-manager/how-to-transfer-everything-from-iphone-to-iphone.htm

Due to the Covid-9 pandemic, even Apple failed to complete its announcement to showcase all the flagship products on a single #AppleEvent. But the enthusiasm of Apple fans never cools down for the new iPhone 12. And DearMob would also like to take this opportunity to support the device upgrade and benefit all iOS users with iPhone management convenience for free.

Upgrading iPhones while remaining important data has been a constant demand of users. Following the yearly iPhone iterations, it is always distressful to give a think about how to bring along thousands of memories and important data alongside the device change. Although iCloud syncing and iCloud backup are convenient, they are based on network and have storage limitations. Problems like backup not enough storage, calendar not syncing, iCloud photo not syncing, iCloud backup not working, iCloud backup taking forever, and iCloud photo missing problems emerge in endlessly. Faced with massive amounts of data, it is safer and wiser for users to choose wired data migration. And DearMob came into being.

Although Apple also provides a wired transfer solution-iTunes, DearMob outwits iTunes in many ways. DearMob not only lets users move all data from one iPhone to another but also manages and filters files, allowing users to selectively transfer certain important files. After all, even on the newest iPhone, there is a storage bottleneck. One can only achieve the most optimized space management by choosing the most important files to carry with and discarding the data garbage in the past. And this year, the storage space issue is even intensive.

Apart from Bionic chips upgrade and overall build, the most dazzling new feature spec is iPhone 12 camera. Among all the front and rear camera spec updates, it is worth notifying that 4K recording at 240fps/120fps slow-mo, AR implementation(LiDAR), deep fusion, smart HDR 3, enhanced Night mode shooting, Apple ProRAW, and 8- to 10?bit HDR Dolby Vision recording will certainly push iPhone camera to the front end comparatively powerful as professional digital cameras. However, the storage insufficiency issue implanted by the enhanced iPhone 12 camera features becomes a great concern.

iPhone 12 series will be producing even bigger photos and videos and binge more space by welcoming massive AR APPs and VR games on board. Note that iPhone 12 provides over 50 Mbps data rates for 4K 240fps recording, indicating that four 10-minute-long 4K video recordings can easily eat up 64GB storage already. With this reasoning, the maximal 512GB iPhone storage could be soon exhausted within a year. The boosts of these pioneering camera-techs can excessively lead to greater needs for iPhone photos and videos backup and export.

Therefore, aiming at the iPhone switch fab this year, DearMob has upgraded to the 4.8 version in advance to support iOS 14.2 Beta and has optimized the feature of photo transfer, data organizing, storage management to details. And most excitingly, it is free to download!

To help migrant data to the new iPhone and slim up the brimmed iPhone, DearMob helps to organize and transfer RAW photos, 4K slow-mo videos, from iPhone to Windows 10/Mac at an alarming rate. According to the official hands-on test, this iPhone file management software can batch export 100 photos in 4K within 8 seconds, 3x faster than the average photo transfer speed. And in the prevention of the possible data loss of iCloud wireless sync and iTunes transfer restrictions, the wired data transfer solution by DearMob nails the file migration without data missing nor mess. Deleting unwanted photos, videos or files in other storage is also made possible.

DearMob iPhone Manager Pricing & Availability:

Windows and Mac users can download DearMob iPhone Manager 4.8 free full version here:


Advanced users please go purchase DearMob iPhone Manager here:

https://www.5kplayer.com/iphone-manager/buy.htm, using coupon "PROMO" to take an extra discount.

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