Demand for Humanities Specialists Grows in the Ukrainian IT � Lucky Labs

Non-technical specialists in Ukrainian companies varies from 20 to 30%.

Demand for Humanities Specialists Grows in the Ukrainian IT � Lucky Labs

Kyiv, Ukraine, August 22, 2018 --( Now, working in IT does not require one to be a technician and write code. More and more technology companies all over the world need specialists in the humanities.

According to the study of the career portal Glassdoor, the number of open vacancies for non-technical positions in various tech companies ranges from 20 to 50%. The proposals includes marketing, business operations, legal services and sales spheres. Western tech giants show the highest demand. For example, in Oracle, the number of current vacancies for humanities specialists is 40%, in IBM - 54%. In the Eastern European market the situation is different. According to DOU research, non-technical specialists in Ukrainian companies Epam, SoftServe, Luxoft and Global Logic varies from 20 to 30%.

The most common non-technical positions in IT are the direction of marketing (sales, account- and marketing-managers, SEO-specialists) and managers (project- and product-managers), representatives of Lucky Labs, one of the largest IT companies in Ukraine, said. There is also high demand for designers, analysts and operational managers. And there is a back office of the HR department, financiers and lawyers. In general, about 35% of specialists in Lucky Labs are not directly involved with technology.

The demand for humanities employees in the company is explained by an increased focus on the client and on the final product.

"All software solutions that we create have their customers and the audience of users. In particular, analysts and marketers help to suggest a perfect idea to bring it to more consumers. Project-managers and product managers manage projects and communicate with clients mostly without technical background. They are excellent negotiators and facilitators, they are able to find an approach to the client and ensure a harmonious communication in the team," the press service of Lucky Labs commented.

At the moment, the number of open technical and humanities vacancies in Lucky Labs is almost the same. This is due to the current orientation of recruiting on soft skills of employees.

Lucky Labs develops software products for marketing, gaming and financial industries. The company�s portfolio includes more than 100 mobile and desktop applications. The company sells its products on the western market and in the Asian countries. Today, 950 people work in the Ukrainian offices of Lucky Labs. According to DOU rating, Lucky Labs is also among the 20 largest Ukrainian IT companies.

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