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Deng Xiaoping, the Great Man of China, Entered the World From Guang’an

GUANG’AN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Located in Sichuan Province, Guang’an is a city next to Chongqing. Boasting an excellent living environment, it is elegant and has been rated as China’s Excellent Tourist City and China’s Civilized City. Moreover, this tranquil and gorgeous town is the home of Deng Xiaoping, one of China’s greatest men.

Deng Xiaoping, known as the chief architect of China’s socialist reform, opening up and modernization drive, had a significant impact on China and even the world. He was born in Guang'an and lived there until he was 15, before leaving his hometown in 1920 to study in France, Russia and other countries. There is no doubt that his life experience in Guang'an during his youth, and his later communist education in Moscow, Russia, had an important influence on the formation of his revolutionary ideas. But it is hard to know which place appeared more frequently in his memory during his turbulent life. If you want to learn about the childhood of this great man, visiting Guang’an is undoubtedly the best choice.

Deng Xiaoping’s Hometown Scenic Spot in Guang’an is the world’s only memorial park in memory of him. 20 places in the park, including the former residence of Deng Xiaoping, silkworm house yard, Hanlin courtyard, Dezheng Palace, the tomb of Deng Shaochang, had been renovated according to the historical original appearance. Strolling here, we seem to be able to go through time and space, touch the life imprint of Deng Xiaoping's teenage years here.

The core of Deng Xiaoping's Hometown Scenic Spot has a memorial hall that integrates natural ecology and historical culture. It is the Exhibition Hall of Deng Xiaoping’s Former Residence, where displays the legendary life of the great man who devoted himself to revolution and reform and opening up.

Nowadays, Guang’an has become the leading Red Tourism in Sichuan Province and an important destination of China’s Red Tour. It has been included in “12 Major Red Tourism Areas” and “30 Red Tourist Boutique Lines”in China. Would you like to explore Deng Xiaoping's life here?

Recommended Tour Route: Deng Xiaoping’s Hometown Scenic Spot - Hanlin Courtyard - Beishan Primary School - Guang’an County School - Si Yuan Amphitheatre – Qujiang Dongmen wharf


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