Developing New Blue Sea Market for Tourism; First-Ever Taipei City Participation in Russia International Travel Fair

 - 10 September 2019 - OTDYKH LEISURE 2019 (25th
International Trade Fair for Travel & Tourism) is being held at the
Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow from September 10 to 12. Taipei City has made
the Taipei Lantern Festival the theme for its pavilion, and is matching special
local culinary treats with a unique cultural-creative experience. This is
Taipei City's first year participating in this trade fair, and the Taipei
Lantern Festival has been chosen as theme as a powerful means to attract the
attention of local tourism-industry enterprises. Complementing a
cultural-creative experience featuring the hand-painting of decorative
lanterns, visiting industry professionals are being invited to sample such
specially prepared iconic Taipei treasures as Wenshan Baozhong tea, pineapple
cakes, and nougat candy. This has made the Taipei exhibit area extremely


decorative lantern hand-painting experience activity is drawing great interest
from Russian industry professionals. 

To help members of the Russian public get to know Taipei better, the
Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government has carefully planned an experience activity
featuring the hand-painting of the city's iconic cultural-creative festival
lanterns, providing handmade lanterns crafted by a century-old shop in the history-rich
Dadaocheng community for DIY painting by visitors. These are a great take-home
memento item for these foreign guests. Li Li-chu, the TPE-DOIT Deputy
Commissioner, has been enthusiastically welcoming visiting industry
professionals at the Taipei Pavilion and personally demonstrating the
cultural-creative experience. The special wall of lanterns set up before the
pavilion has become a check-in hotspot for the visiting crowds.     


In Euromonitor
International rankings, Taipei was declared the 17th most popular
city in the world for 2018. For international travelers visiting Taiwan, this
is a city you simply cannot miss. Taipei's deep treasure-vault of diversified
unique local cultural experiences includes the National Palace Museum, the IG
hotspot Ximending, the city's internationally renowned fine-food feasting,
international landmark attractions and events such as the Taipei Lantern Festival
and New Year's Eve Countdown Party, and its chic and fashionable shopping
environment. These make the city of Taipei a compelling attraction for
travelers from Russia.   

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