Diffuse Logic Introduces Bella Render

Diffuse Logic is pleased to introduce their next-generation renderer, Bella.

Barcelona, Spain, August 23, 2019 --( Bella is a new spectral, physically-based renderer, designed from a clean sheet.

Through its nodal scene description, intuitive material model, and real-world camera model, Bella exposes control over the rendering process in natural and logical ways, so as to achieve predictability, and thus increased productivity.

Likewise, Bella's deliberately-simple licensing model avoids the hassle and downtime to which customers have unfortunately become so accustomed.

"We have been hard at work on this, and we are just excited to finally get the chance to see what artists are going to do with it," said Lead Developer Jeremy Hill. "We are a developer-led company -- Bella is our obsession, and we hope that people will like what we are creating."

Diffuse Logic is pleased to invite all who wish to participate, to take Bella for a test-drive, in an open pre-release beta. For those who submit images accepted to the Bella gallery, license discounts will be offered.

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About Diffuse Logic:

Diffuse Logic is a Barcelona-based software company with decades of cumulative experience in the fields of physical simulation and rendering, as well as user-interface design and plugin integration.

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