Direct English Malaysia Expands Its Business Operations to Reach Wider Segment of English Learners in the Region

 - 19 March 2019 - Direct English Malaysia is set to expand its business operations
in the region, having opened its very own language centre, Direct English
International Learning Centre (DEILC), in Kuala Lumpur today.


DEILC is wholly owned
by Melewar Learning Resources Sdn Bhd, a company under the Melewar Group.


The opening of DEILC
was officiated by the Deputy British High Commissioner to Malaysia, Mr David
Thomas, who was at the centre together with a host of guests and
representatives from various institutions and organisations, including the Ministry
of Education Malaysia and the British High Commission Kuala Lumpur.


Situated in the heart
of Kuala Lumpur with easy access to all infrastructure in the city, DEILC is
poised to cater to the English learning needs of a very wide segment or
spectrum of English learners, especially those from the city and its outskirt


"The opening of DEILC
epitomizes the aspirations of Melewar Learning Resources Sdn Bhd through its
partnership with Direct English, UK, to contribute towards raising the proficiency
of the English language not only amongst students but also amongst members of
the business or corporate sector," said Group Executive Chairman of Melewar
Group, Tunku Dato' Seri (Dr) Iskandar Tunku Abdullah.


"DEILC is well
placed to benefit all English language learners and enthusiasts in this region
especially when Direct English is
already a proven system that successfully trains over 100,000 English language
learners globally every year'' he added.


Direct English, which is part of the globally
renowned Linguaphone Group, UK, is known to be delivering highly effective English
language training not only to school and university students but also to corporate
executives and professionals. The course consists of an eight-level proficiency
course, covering those who are absolute beginners right up to advanced
learners. Direct English also comes with the highly popular Direct English
Business English course that adds to the powerhouse of the learning system.


Direct English is reputed to be
one of the most effective English language programmes today. The programme is
part of the globally renowned Linguaphone Group, UK,
the world's
leading provider of assisted learning and distance learning training solutions.
It is
based on a unique learning system
developed by the internationally acclaimed education authority on English
language, Louis Alexander.
Direct English has strong presence in 22 countries,
including the Middle-East, Europe and Asia. This growing list includes
countries such as Bahrain, Bulgaria, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Japan,
Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Portugal,
Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sudan, Thailand, UAE and Vietnam. Currently,
there are over 90 Direct English live centres operating around the world.


Through its company, English Learning Group Limited (ELG), The Melewar
formed a partnership with the Linguaphone Group, UK, to establish a network of
Direct English programme providers in a number of South East Asian and South
Asian countries in 2011. 
With the potential for further growth and success, Melewar
Learning Resources Sdn Bhd has since been established to assume
the setting-up and
coordination of Direct English centres in Malaysia and Singapore.


In Malaysia and around the region, Melewar Learning
Resources is at the forefront of delivering English language training through
Direct English. Thousands of learners, from university students to young
professionals to corporate executives, from absolute beginners to advanced
learners, have since benefited from the trainings conducted by Melewar Learning
Resources / Direct English.

For any enquiries, please contact Mr Philip Lim, General Manager, at [email protected]
or call +603-2022 4138. You can visit for
more information on Direct English courses.


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