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Direct Flight From HK to Taitung, Taiwan

New initiative sparks high interest among tour operators

TAITUNG, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--After Hong Kong became the No. 1 source of Taiwan’s inbound tourists in 2023, the island’s southeastern Taitung County is making new efforts to attract even more visitors from the former British colony. During a promotional event on March 20, attended by nearly 30 tour operators in Hong Kong, it was announced that each tourist can receive subsidies worth up to NT$4,000 (or around US$127), an incentive warmly welcomed by the tour operators who commended the newly launched direct air charter as being helpful to bring more people from Hong Kong to Taitung to appreciate its beauty.

In collaboration with local hospitality businesses, the Taitung County Government presented the county’s cultural features, natural scenery, fine cuisine and other highlights as well as well as travel incentives to the tour organizers in Hong Kong. The event began with singing and dancing by aboriginal art and cultural groups from Taitung and featured a well-made film and a clip from an episode of “Busy Enough Just to Open for Business,” a reality TV show when it was filmed in Taitung, the county government recommended a three-day package and announced a new subsidy for charter-flight travelers, a cash prize for tourists from overseas and an extra bonus for traveling in the county. It is believed that, with the help of incentives provided by both the central and the local governments as well as publicity through videos, more people in Hong Kong will become interested in coming to Taitung for pleasure.

The leisurely pace of traveling in Taitung, a feature of Taitung’s “slow economy,” allows visitors to breathe the purest air, to see the most natural ecological environment and to experience the most special festivities and unique indigenous culture in the county, said Pu Ming-cheng, chief of the Taitung County Government’s Transportation and Tourism Development Department. All those are not to be missed for anyone who comes to Taitung and it is hoped that the county’s promotion will help Hong Kong’s tour operators to know more about Taitung as a secret hideout.


Jela Hung

Taitung County Government, Taiwan

[email protected]

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