Donald Trump Meets Fidel Castro – HWPH AG Offers Rare Masterpieces of Financial History in Upcoming Scripophily Auctions

HWPH, one of the world’s leading Scripophily auctioneers, offers more than 2,000 antique stocks and bonds within its two upcoming auction sales. Rarity and curiosity is a decree with a total of 6 signatures of Fidel Castro and a Share Certificate with Donald Trump's signature.

Zorneding, Germany, January 23, 2020 --( More than 2,000 old stocks and bonds are currently offered at two upcoming Scripophily auctions of HWPH Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG, one of the world’s leading auction houses for old stocks and bonds. Extra rare and special items will be sold on 20 January 2018 in Wuerzburg, Germany.

Highlight of the auction (catalogue at and a true masterpiece of financial history is a decree with a total of 6 signatures of Fidel Castro - the Cuban communist revolutionary who governed the Republic of Cuba from 1959 to 2008. Issued in 1959, the typewritten document was issued to expropriate the overthrown dictator Fulgencio Batista and his followers, who had unlawfully enriched themselves during his reign. Offered with a minimum bid of 25,000 Euros (approx. $27,700), the item most likely is the clearest symbol of anti-capitalism.

In contrast, the auction house offers a 1998 issued Common Stock Certificate of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc. - with vignette and facsimile signature of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America. A minimum bid of 120 Euros (approx. $133) leaves Trump lagging behind Castro for now, but the item is expected to attract bidders around the world and to be sold at a higher price.

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