Dongfeng Motor Corporation participated in the Eighth China-Eurasia Expo, securing deals for over 1,800 units

XINJIANG, CHINA - Media OutReach Newswire - 2 July 2024 - The 8th China-Eurasia Expo, held in Urumqi, Xinjiang from June 26th to 30th, 2024, aimed to boost cooperation and trade along the Silk Road. Dongfeng Motor Corporation actively participated in the event, engaging in exchanges to seek project cooperation and market development opportunities.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation participated in the Eighth China-Eurasia Expo, securing deals for over 1,800 units
Dongfeng Motor Corporation participated in the Eighth China-Eurasia Expo, securing deals for over 1,800 units

The central enterprise hall buzzed with excitement as soon as the China-Eurasia Expo opened its doors. Visitors from all over flooded the venue, with the second day seeing particularly high attendance. Dongfeng Motor Corporation showcased several of their latest models. Attendees got an up-close look at brand new releases like the MHERO I and MAGE, which attracted a swarm of popular online influencers who further hyped up the crowd. The DONGFENG 007's head-turning scissor doors, the BOX's adorable and nimble design, the VOYAH FREE 318's high-tech vibes, and the rugged good looks of the MHERO I off-roader all commanded attention.

"Dongfeng Motor Corporation is a well-established domestic car brand. This visit has shown me that their models are being upgraded and updated very quickly, truly staying at the forefront of the market," remarked a Chinese guest at the exhibition.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation kicked things off at the China-Eurasia Expo on the morning of June 27th with an Overseas Product Promotion and Batch Order Signing Ceremony. It was a chance to unveil their star offerings to potential customers from across Eurasia and mark the beginning of a new era of collaboration. Distributors and big-name clients from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and other Eurasian countries were all invited to this special promotional event.

During the promotion event, Dongfeng Motor Corporation provided detailed introductions to its technology and product offerings. The company highlighted the advantages of its "Channel + Hub + Network" commercial logistics operation system and showcased its heavy-duty truck solutions specifically tailored for the Central Asian region.

"Their intro really instilled confidence in me. Our new energy vehicle market is in its early stages, and partnering with Dongfeng Motor Corporation to develop the market is an excellent choice. We hope to introduce safe, reliable, high-quality, and convenient Dongfeng Motor Corporation products and services to consumers in Uzbekistan. We will leverage favorable industry policies and are eager to work with Dongfeng Motor Corporation to expand the Eurasian automotive market," stated a customer from Uzbekistan.

Customers from Central Asia and surrounding regions generally believe that Dongfeng Motor Corporation's high-end heavy trucks are reliable and highly competitive. Since the beginning of this year, Dongfeng Motor Corporation's commercial vehicle exports from Xinjiang have accelerated. In the future, the company plans to undertake a series of initiatives in human resources, distribution networks, and franchise operations. This will be key to tackling the growing demand for bulk exports.

The signing ceremony at the expo was a big win for Dongfeng Motor Corporation. They inked deals with both domestic and international partners, securing a whopping five overseas and two domestic bulk order contracts, totaling over 1,800 vehicles.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation prioritizes the development of the Xinjiang and Central Asian markets, maintaining a market-driven approach by consistently introducing high-quality, high-performance products. Through promotional events and signing activities, Dongfeng Motor Corporation seeks to share the latest scientific and technological advancements, increase its international market presence, and continually strengthen and expand its network of partnerships.

As a leading entity in China's automotive industry, Dongfeng Motor Corporation actively supports the national "Belt and Road" initiative, rapidly accelerating its expansion into international markets. The company is committed to delivering superior products and offering a more environmentally friendly and intelligent travel experience to its customers.

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