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Dongfeng Motor Corporation Shows Multiple Star Products at CAEXPO

WUHAN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) was opened in Nanning, Guangxi. As a representative enterprise in the Chinese automobile industry, Dongfeng Motor Corporation presented such products as its commercial vehicles, passenger cars, farm machineries, parts, etc. to the expo. The company exhibited 9 finished automobiles, 4 sets of critical assemblies, 2 farm machineries and over 70 parts to comprehensively showcase the technical achievements of its technological innovation by orienting to the market in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Dongfeng Motor held the VOYAH new product introduction meeting on the first day of CAEXPO. VOYAH is a high-end intelligent luxury electric powered MPV. Equipped with Dongfeng’s autonomously developed dual-power electric driving ESSA architecture, VOYAH supports such two power systems as the pure-electric power system and intelligent multi-module driving power system. It is the only electric MPV equipped with a dual-power system layout in the industry.

HAOJI is a brand new high-end hybrid SUV. Bearing the Mach power assembly autonomously developed by Dongfeng, with an acceleration response time of only 0.15s and a fuel thermal efficiency of up to 41.07%, HAOJI is able to extend with multiple platforms such as hybrid power system, hydrogen energy power system, etc. It can meet power needs of such models as HEV, PHEV, REV, etc., so it is called “the fighter’s engine”.

Dongfeng Aeolus GS MAX has the widest car body among the vehicles of the same class. Bearing the “Chinese heart” Top 10 engine 1.5T Mach power system and 7DCT300 gearbox golden power assembly, it has adequate power and low oil consumption and is highly safe, comfortable and smart, thereby embodying the latest technical achievements for “electrification, intelligence orientation, networking, sharing and light weight orientation” of Dongfeng Motor.

Dongfeng Motor also launches such 5 best selling commercial models as D760, D320, D560, etc. The 6×4 D760 tractor, as the major exhibition vehicle at Dongfeng Motor’s outdoor booth, is the representative product of the Dongfeng Dragon flagship series.

So far, Dongfeng Motor has sold its products to over 100 countries including all countries in the ASEAN. From January to August this year, Dongfeng Motor exported 124,000 vehicles which increased by 90% compared to the same period of last year.


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