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Dr. Pest Control Company – Pest control service for flying ants entering the house after rain

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Entering the rainy season is conducive to the breeding of insects. Recently, flying ants in Hong Kong have emerged from empty swarms and attacked residential buildings. Hundreds of flying ants rushed into the homes in the northern district, causing them to feel helpless and insomnia. Therefore, Dr. Pest Control Company (pest control company) provides household pest control, business pest control and pest control services for residential houses in need, because once the flying ants are forced to break into the house, they have the opportunity to sneak into the nest, hatch wood-boring termites, and eat wood furniture, which will cause endless troubles.

The person in charge of the Dr. Pest Control Company of the termite extermination company said that the rainy season from April to July every year is hot and baked, which is the peak season for flying ants. If it is foreign, just spray with disinfectant spray. If you have termite nests in your home, it can be more troublesome. After every 100 flying ants enter the house, two become queen ants, which will lay eggs and hatch into flying ants, worker ants and soldier ants, which will eat wood furniture. If you find that there are flying ant nests in your home, it is best to find a termite control company to deal with the termite control issue. He said that the pest control staff usually drill holes in the nests and inject termite control syrup to eliminate the ant colonies at one stroke.

The person in charge of Dr. Pest Control Company said that termite control pesticide is an environmentally friendly pesticide, and it needs to be used by professional personnel of the termite removal company who hold professional pest control licenses. According to the situation of the site, a termite prevention plan and method will be designed for the purpose of eliminating the entire termite colony.

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