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E.SUN is Certified “Excellence” by TCGA

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--E.SUN FHC and its subsidiaries E.SUN Bank, E.SUN Security received the “Excellence” certification in the CG6012 (2019) Corporate Governance assessment by Taiwan Corporate Governance Association last Friday (12/25). The honor was a recognition for E.SUN's commitment to corporate governance.

E.SUN FHC received corporate governance certification CG6003 since 2008. In 2009, E.SUN FHC and its subsidiaries E.SUN Bank, E.SUN Securities were the first to receive the advanced certification in finance industry. Following the certification, E.SUN FHC has received CG6007, CG6009, CG6010 and CG6011 successively. In 2017, E.SUN was also the first financial institution that mandated Taiwan Corporate Governance Association to evaluate performance of the board. The evaluation is valid for three years; thus a new performance evaluation was conducted along with the corporate governance assessment this year.

E.SUN strives for excellence in corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and business integrity. In the future, E.SUN will keep pursuing the five major development targets of the "Corporate Governance 3.0 - Sustainable Development Blueprint" issued by the Financial Supervisory Commission to improve corporate governance and integrate the culture with policy, procedure, and daily work. Meanwhile, E.SUN will also review the recommended items in the evaluation. The items will be priorities of improvement plans for corporate governance to benchmark to international standard of sustainable development.

Besides, DJSI ESG research team has identified the misconduct case of financial advisor as a controversy and initiated Media and Stakeholder Analysis (MSA). DJSI ESG Research team concluded that the impact was medium, since E.SUN has adequate communication with stakeholders and appropriate strengthened measures. After the adjustment, E.SUN is still ranked 1st in Taiwan, 3rd in Asia, and 6th worldwide in banking industry.

E.SUN firmly believes that integrity is the ultimate value of any worker in banking and finance. E.SUN will live up to the creed “no business goes beyond risk, no service goes beyond regulation” and perfect its practices of “risk, discipline, process”. By refining compliance and measures of internal audit, E.SUN wishes to establish a disciplined culture of corporate governance and risk management, and will keep dedicating to the goal of sustainable development.


Public Relations, E.SUN FHC

Virginia Lin

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