East Rift Valley enters Singapore, Malaysia; New South New Direction of Revenue

TAIWAN -�Media
�- 19 July 2019 -�The East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration
(ERV Administration for short) will lead operators to attend the 2019
International Tourism Fair (MITM Travel Fair 2019) in Johor, Malaysia, from
July 19 to 21 to promote Huatung tourism.

Johor Bahru Sutera Mall MITM Travel Fair 2019

Kuo Chenling, director of ERV Administration, said that
according to the Tourism Bureau, the number of New South's inbound visitors in
2018 reached 2.28 million, accounting for about 23% of the overall market. In
terms of consumption, New South's total consumption in the first nine months of
last year reached US$ 2.78 billion (equivalent to NT$ 85.8 billion).

In line with the government's New South
policy, it has once again led the industry including the Accociation of Tour
Guide and Tour Manager,Hualien, Flowersay Homestay, Lishiuan international
Hotel, Chushulan workshop and East Rift Valley creative travel team to
participate in the "Small Town Roams in Taiwan" theme, marketing
Huatung Sightseeing trips. Meanwhile, in order to increase interaction with
local people, Huatung is a gathering place to attract audiences, including
Cultural youth style totem paper rolls, Huatung impression canvas tote bags.

Moreover, Huliien's famous, Indigenous
village dance troupe, was specially invited to perform in the local area. The
head of the group, Lin C
hunlan, personally sang and led the team's tribute
dance in the indigenous village as the opening dance of the conference, hoping
to make the passion of Huatung Indigenous Village. Impressed the local people,
not only that, but also invited Taiwan's light world gold medal - Sugar Plastic
Goddess teacher
Pei Chihwei, on-site will Huatung famous products - hibiscus,
peanuts, peeled peppers, turned into a gourmet afternoon tea to attract local
people to East A booth tour of the Rift Valley.

To advertise this exhibition in Malaysia, ERV
Administration specially invited Malaysian artist Li
m Peyyeng to go
to Huatung's leasure travel and
Heng Lipin of photography magazine "Photographer Magazine"
in Southeast Asia to the East Rift Valley.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau KL Office Director, Mr
Chou Shih Pi, said that Huatung's beauty and special tourism is recommendable.
It is expected to attract more new visitors and return tourists to experience
and roam Huatung.

After the exhibition in Malaysia, ERV
Administration will depart for Singapore on 7/31-8/6 to participate in the
"2019 Singapore Autumn Travel Exhibition Marketing Promotion"

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