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ECVV Safebuy Service Helps Business Owners To Complete Overseas Sourcing While Staying Indoors

With China under lockdown since June 15th, ECVV.com advises its clients to stay indoors and reap the benefits of digital trading, which is a sustainable globalization method.

SHENZHEN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--During the first and second wave of economic globalization, conflicts between civilizations, religions, and ideologies continued. ECVV.com takes advantage of the economic globalization to link and rebuild trading between Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers. The past era of capital economy required globalization of trading policies, transportation and freight costs composition. Now, businesses only need to get through ECVV.com to connect to digital trade, worldwide products, capital and transportation, which reduces the costs and dilemmas in the era of capital economy. It's not required to form the original global industrial division of labor.

Therefore, ECVV.com advises keeping indoors and enjoying digital trade, which is a sustainable globalization method. It’s not necessary for business owners and procurement managers to fly to China, to the United States and to the other countries in the world to carry out global trading activities and business negotiation activities. With the help of ECVV Safebuy services, international customers could resolve these problems without flying anywhere. ECVV Safebuy Services help in reducing the global trade conflicts, value conflicts, and ideological conflicts. Everyone can make good use of the tool and rules in the future digital trading field, which may be more conducive to solving conflicts in commercial trading activities, especially when China's trading system contradicts that of any developed country.

At present, it seems that capital-driven globalization is coming to an end or the China-U.S. economic and trade relations are bound to a seismic decoupling. Essentially, the original capital-driven globalization itself is coming to an end and the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated its end. The third globalization wave has arrived. There must be more business trade, life activities and work activities on the digital platforms, as more people are moving toward the digital world.


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