Elevate Nutrition Provides Exceptional Blog Providing Plant-Based Nutrition Info

Elevate Nutrition Provides Exceptional Blog Providing Plant-Based Nutrition Info

Elevate Nutrition Announces Exceptionally Comprehensive Blog Posts Providing Plant-Based Nutritional Information and Fitness Advice

Online PR News – 22-November-2017 – Elevate Nutrition, a New York-based provider of revolutionary plant-based supplements designed to improve athletic performance and encourage healthy living, announced the launch of its plant-based nutrition and fitness blog. Located on the company's website, the blog area is constantly updated to help share proficient knowledge of plant-based nutrition, fitness advice, health and more.

From topics such as "Best Plant-Based Protein Supplements for Women" and "How Non-Dairy Protein Powder Can Help You Lose Weight" to an assortment of tips, tricks and suggestions for those transitioning to a plant-based diet, our website's comprehensive plant-based nutrition blog area is poised to be a resource focal point for many athletic training types, says Paul J. Salomone, co-founder and COO of Elevate Nutrition. Readers can learn to get fit with online coaching, discover why it's best to avoid animal proteins and so much more or even just pick up general advice from our expert nutritionist writers who boast a wealth of knowledge in this area.

Elevate Nutrition operates from a core company vision to improve athletic performance and encourage healthy living through exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being, offering revolutionary plant-based supplement products that provide the cleanest nutrients to support muscle recovery, lean muscle mass, weight-loss and improved energy. Perfectly suited for those who are looking to amplify their health and fitness, Elevate's supplements include products such as the more recently-launched Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar and Plant-Based Performance Protein in vanilla flavor; the Protein Bar has proven immensely popular with health performance fanatics, who routinely single out the product's rich, creamy, dessert-like taste and easily digestible elements.

Likewise for Elevate's Protein Powder, which addresses a number of concerns many athletes have including difficulty digesting protein supplements, facing low energy after drinking their current protein shake and not seeing the gains they expected. The vanilla-flavored Performance Protein is designed to support muscle recovery, build lean muscle mass and enhance energy levels in response to these voiced concerns.

Paul Salomone co-founded Elevate Nutrition in 2016 along with Jillian Salomone, both of whom are competitive power-lifters and competitive bodybuilders, respectively; Jillian is a bodybuilder in the bikini division and member of the PlantBuilt Muscle Team who shifted her nutritional intake to a 100-percent plant-based diet, going on to help others achieve their own health and fitness goals through founding Jillian Leigh Fitness and co-founding Elevate Nutrition. Paul is a member of the PlantBuilt Vegan Muscle Team who underwent a 180-degree transformation when he decided to dedicate himself to health, fitness and spiritual well-being. Since then, it has been his mission to provide guidance to those looking to transform their life by way of quality nutritional plant-based supplements.


“rich, creamy, dessert-like taste”

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