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ELYFI Integrates Tally to Optimize On-chain Governance and Proposals

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Blockchain--ELYFI, a DeFi protocol for tokenized real estate, is pleased to announce its partnership with Tally, the largest on-chain governance platform.

ELYFI�s decentralized protocol allows real estate owners to borrow cryptocurrencies by using the property as collateral while lenders receive interest rates and rewards for providing liquidity. ELYFI will be utilizing Tally�s voting dashboard and governance tools to make important decisions related to onboarding off-chain assets and handle any DAO governance and improvement proposals made by its community members.

ELYFI�s initial integration will include adding new proposals for ELYFI governance, creating a voting poll for ELFI token stakeholders, delegating voting power and using Tally�s visualization tools to show results.


ELYFI is the first project to add real estate. ELYFI is the first DeFi protocol that utilizes off-chain real assets to borrow cryptocurrencies. Participants in the ELYFI protocol can supply liquidity to earn investment returns or borrow liquidity with asset tokens as collateral. Anyone can contribute to the stability and development of the protocol by participating in the protocol governance.

About Tally

Tally is building the infrastructure and tools for user-owned economies and internet native communities, where talent and opportunity can merge to build the future together. Tally provides voting dashboards, governance tools, real-time research and analysis, and educational content. Tally allows users to create proposals, visualize voting rights and supporters, explore proposals, and vote. You can also use the Tally app to check and review data on governance systems, active and past proposals, individual profiles or token holders, and help users exercise their authority over governance through direct voting or voting delegation. Tally recently started onboarding NFT DAOs, allowing with Defi DAOs and has added POAPs as its newest feature, which you can learn more about on their Twitter and discord.



Yoon Kim (CMO)


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