Encrypted Notes by Jetico in BestCrypt Note for Android

Store encrypted notes on mobile devices with BestCrypt Note by Jetico � long-trusted developer of world-class data protection software. Jetico�s secure notes app on Android is now available for free download in Google Play

Helsinki, Finland, August 09, 2018 --( Jetico, long-trusted developer of world-class data protection software, has announced the release of BestCrypt Note for storing encrypted notes on mobile devices. Jetico�s secure notes app on Android is now available for free download in Google Play.

For over 20 years, Jetico proudly serves customers with BestCrypt encryption software � protecting whole disks, virtual drives and selected files. Built on Jetico's guaranteed backdoor-free encryption, BestCrypt Note combines a simple note-saving app with proven reliable security.

�Mobile devices have become precious companions in our everyday lives,� says Jetico CEO, Michael Waksman. �BestCrypt tools continue to help people feel safe that our personal or confidential information stays private � now for storing encrypted notes on mobile for any reason.�

Set up a password and BestCrypt Note will securely save and store:
- Text notes: personal or confidential
- Credit cards
- Account logins & passwords � tap globe icon and select browser; your login is secured in clipboard to apply or paste where needed
- Contacts � tap handset icon for secure calling directly from app; outgoing calls do not display in Call History
- Location coordinates � tap location icon to find in map

Secure Notes App � Features & Benefits
- Encrypted notes � your sensitive information is now protected, pure and simple!
- Proven encryption with no backdoors � Jetico solutions are known and valued for not having backdoors or related vulnerabilities
- Industry standard encryption � 256-bit AES
- Cross-platform compatibility � access your encrypted notes also on Windows
- Sync to Google Drive � storage is encrypted, so it�s safe to keep a copy; access notes on other devices with password; back up and view older versions
- Password Timeout � Customize the option to require password after inactivity
- Prevent Third-Party Access � enable this option to prevent notes from appearing in screenshots, switcher or other unsecured displays; nothing else on your mobile device can see your notes � what happens in BestCrypt, stays in BestCrypt.

With the Prevent Third-Party Access feature enabled, the secure storage is only accessible to the BestCrypt Note app. Authentication with a password creates a secure channel to the encrypted storage. Other apps or system tools are denied access, even when notes are open.

Waksman explains, �Some mobile apps have the ability to snoop on data or activities from other apps on the same device. Even worse, malware can take screenshots without you knowing. The option to Prevent Third-Party Access in BestCrypt Note means the contents of your private notes stay locked up and will be blacked out to not appear on screenshots or app previews.�

By activating sync to Google Drive, if your phone gets lost or stolen, intruders can�t access your notes. You can still, however, securely restore your encrypted notes from Google Drive. This happens in encrypted form of course � your data is only encrypted safely within your own device.

About Jetico

Jetico provides pure and simple data protection software for National Security, Compliance and Personal Privacy. Trusted for over 10 years by the U.S. Department of Defense, Jetico's BCWipe can wipe selected files beyond forensic recovery such as in response to classified data spills, while BCWipe Total WipeOut can erase hard drive data entirely such as for disposal or decommission. To protect stored data, Jetico's BestCrypt delivers compliant data encryption software for whole disks, virtual drives and selected files or folders. Jetico Enterprise Editions include central management for client software control.

Jetico products are trusted by government and military agencies, all of the top 10 U.S. defense contractors, many national laboratories, as well as various other enterprises and a wide global base of home and small business users in over 100 countries. Founded in 1995, Jetico is privately held and headquartered in the Otaniemi Science Park in Helsinki, Finland. For more information, please visit

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