Energy for Health, ASAlaser’s Scientific Review: 10 Years Marked by Research, Dissemination and Promotion of Scientific Knowledge

A new finish line accomplished for ASAlaser, whose scientific magazine celebrates its first ten years in 2018. The magazine represents just one of the company’s initiatives for highlighting research, the focal point of its growth and the basis of its ethics.

Vicenza, Italy, October 19, 2018 --( 10 years: a valuable milestone for Energy for Health, the scientific magazine curated by ASAcampus (a joint laboratory created from the synergy between ASAlaser and the University of Florence) which has always aimed to facilitate the dissemination of scientific knowledge and to contribute to the cultural awareness of laser therapy and magnetotherapy.

This is confirmed by Monica Monici, a Biologist researcher and Scientific Manager of ASAcampus: “Energy for Health has the purpose of disseminating information concerning study results focusing on laser and magneto therapies in the biomedical field, by means of publications which range from basic research, focusing on action mechanisms, to clinical trials which evaluate the therapeutic effects and the effectiveness in improving patients’ conditions. Case reports are also published when they are particularly interesting thanks to the importance of the pathology treated or of the results achieved. The authors are doctors, specialists and researchers who study physical therapies and their clinical applications, both for human and animal medicine, and the works are chosen by means of a 'peer review' process. Energy for Health, which celebrates ten years from the publication of the first issue, will be committed to a continuous effort in the future also, in order to increase its circulation, the number and the quality of the studies published.”

Sent to over 80 countries worldwide with a print run of 6000 copies, distributed free of charge during ASAlaser training courses and conventions and supplied to all those who request it on line from the website, the biannual magazine is just one of the initiatives carried out by the company to provide due recognition to Research, the stronghold of its internationalisation strategy, but above all a sure guide on which to base its growth.

"Investing in research," explains Lucio Zaghetto, the ASAlaser Scientific & Educational Director, "is a priority of ours which derives from the will to provide certain, safe and repeatable results of the effectiveness of our therapies. A constant commitment which results in constant research as well as in defining our identity."

For example, 3 studies have recently been published: the first one confirms the benefits of simultaneously applying MLS® Laser Therapy with conventional therapies for tackling pain and the functional limitations in patients suffering from temporomandibular issues; the second one confirms that adding magnetotherapy to traditional protocols for treating non-specific chronic lumbar pain allows superior clinical improvements in terms of pain, functional disability and lumbar Rom; the third proves that the application of HIRO TT (a therapeutic strategy based on the principle of heat exchange which combines the Hilterapia® pulsed Nd:YAG laser source with a SmartCooler cooling system which lowers the temperature of the skin and of the underlying tissues) on some specific issues (trauma, oedema, contractures, tendinopathies, arthritis and articular pathologies) leads to evident results in decreasing pain and a promising preliminary result in terms of oedema and reducing inflammation.

"Right from the beginning," concludes Zaghetto, "the path was clear: both in order to implement new therapeutic methods and technologies actually beneficial to sufferers of painful issues to the musculoskeletal system, and for obtaining concrete results in promoting tissue repair mechanisms, we would need to study the biology of physical stress at a molecular and cell level. We have been doing this since 1983 and the finishing line achieved with Energy for Health is its tangible proof."

Research and ASAlaser: some numbers

Number of researches in each edition: 4
Investment in research for 2016: 13.5% of turnover
Investment in research for 2017: 14% of turnover
Number of items of scientific work in the field of research and clinical studies directly promoted to date: 150

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