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Engineers vs Doctors

An Engineer did not get a job until even two years after his graduation, so he decides to open a clinic & hangs a signboard outside the clinic:
"Any treatment for Rs.300. If not then WE GIVE YOU Rs.1000."

A CLEVER Doctor decides to fool the Engineer to get the compensatory Rs.1000.
CLEVER Doctor : (gleefully at the Engineer's impending failure)"I have lost the ability to taste."
Engineer asks the nurse to put a few drops of medicine from box  #22.

CLEVER Doctor : (howling)"What the f**k it's URINE!!"
Engineer : "Congratulations! Your sense of taste is back now."

The CLEVER Doctor was spiteful as he lost Rs.300.
After 2 weeks he visits again. This time with a foolproof disease.
CLEVER Doctor : I've lost my memory.
Engineer: "Nurse, please put a few drops of medicine from box #22 on his tongue."
CLEVER Doctor : "Engineer! Not this time, that medicine is to cure sense of taste."
Engineer : "Congratulations! Your memory is back."

MORAL : (In a lighter vein) DON'T MESS WITH ENGINEERS!

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