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Enjoy Driving: Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles Comes for Dreams

WUHAN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Recently, MAGE, a brand-new compact SUV of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles, was launched in China. It is equipped with the world's first 4-speed intelligent hybrid gearbox and a special hybrid engine with a thermal efficiency of over 45%, which will provide more diversified choices for consumers around the world.

In addition, the popular series products of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles, the "SHINE FAMILY" full of youth, vitality and passion, are sweeping the world. Its representative model, SHINE MAX, has a sonic boom digital grille and eye of the storm LED headlights. The interior adopts asymmetric layout design and large-size central control panel, and the length and width of 4797mm+1870mm give users plenty of space. The "Mach Power 1.5T+7DCT300" power combination is equipped with a maximum power of 140Kw and a maximum torque of 300 N·m, with smooth and strong power output and soft shifting.

As another masterpiece of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles, HUGE has collected the design inspiration of "Wind". The design of straight waterfall return air grille is full of futuristic feeling, and the integrated through light strip is connected to LED "Windward Flag" daytime running lights, which exudes strength and elegance. What’s more, the copilot of HUGE comes standard with "Queen Seat", which integrates a variety of comfortable functions such as easeful aviation headrest, electric leg rest and backrest with 10-speed adjustment, bringing users respect and enjoyment and a better hybrid experience.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIj-lGeK8iY

Adhering to the brand mission of "DRIVE YOUR DREAMS", Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles has continuously met customers' demand for vehicles with iterative evolution. At present, the " SHINE FAMILY " including SHINE, SHINE GS and SHINE MAX have been launched in the global market, together with AX7 MACH, the Mach power product matrix will be formed, and the following star models such as HUGE and MAGE will be released. With the arrival of the era of Dongfeng Smart Power, Dongfeng pure electric brands NANO and eπ will soon join the family of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles and have zero-distance contact with users around the world.

In the future, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles will adhere to the brand positioning of "Driving Fun that Excites", pay tribute to every passionate dream pursuer, and constantly provide products with premium quality, leading technology, full of driving experience and sporty exterior.




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