Do you own a iPhone? “Error 53” can kill your Apple iPhone

iphone error 53"Error 53" will kill your Apple iPhone, and there is no solution for it.

The Apple iPhone users need to read "Error 53", especially before deciding to hand over the iPhone to a regular non-Apple repair person, in case they have problems with the Touch ID. Because "Error 53" will brick the iPhone, aka disable it, and so far there is no fix for this, other than getting a new phone.

In a statement, Apple issued a clarification that the 53 error occurs when an unauthorized technician fixed the phone. Locked to protect the security of the device, the iPhone should be disassembled only by an authorized service technician.

However, this is not possible for all users since Apple has no authorized service points in all locations and users are forced to approach third mobile repair shops.

Built with the ability to verify automatically whether the Touch ID sensor in your iPhone or iPad correctly matches your device�s other components, iOS will automatically disable Touch ID including the one used to Apple Pay.

Apple further stated that this security measure is necessary to prevent the touch sensor fraudulent ID to be used. However, Apple urges users to communicate directly with their support team in case if they encounter Error 53.

Unless you have availed Apple Care package for your iPhone, you will not be eligible for a replacement after the expiry of the warranty. Apple should provide exceptions and grant users a free alternative for those customers who encounter Error 53 within the first five years of purchase.

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