Eveready 7 Watt Cool Day Light LED Bulb – Pack Of 3 for Rs.299

Eveready 7 Watt Cool Day Light LED BulbThe Eveready Cool Day Light LED bulbs set of 3 would certainly prove to be an excellent choice in case you are looking for LED bulbs. This bulb is energy efficient up to 90 per cent and, therefore, would help you to save the amount spent on your monthly consumption of electricity. Easy to install, this set of three bulbs would fit into any normal bulb holder as they comes with a standard B22D base.

The bulbs of this set are made of quality material that ensures their durability. They provide a light output of 100 Lm/W. The power factor of this set of three bulbs is 0.9. Each of the bulbs consumes energy of 3 W, 5 W and 7 W, respectively. These bulbs are also appropriately sized. With a colour temperature of 6500Kand a voltage requirement of 130-280 V, they have a clear illumination capacity. The fact that they come with a 1-year warranty adds to their desirability.

These LED bulbs from the store of Eveready have no high-power discharge that could affect your eyes. They are also anti-glare and emit enough light to brighten up a room. These bulbs are non-toxic as they produce very little infrared light. The Eveready Cool Day Light LED bulbs set of 3 is extremely cost-efficient and are highly utilitarian as well.

7W Pack of 3 LED Bulb ,Color-Cool Day Light ,Energy Saving,Constant Light in Fluctuation,Highly Efficent Lumens 100Lm/W ,Last 15 Years*, No Lead Mercury,Color Temp: 6500K,Lasts Minimum 20000 hours, No mercury content and no UV radiation,Energy Saving: 40 percent over CFLs and 90 percent over GLS,Anti-Glare Diffuser: Provides even light distribution , also eliminates glare.

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Eveready 7 Watt Cool Day Light LED Bulb – Pack Of 3 for Rs.299

  • Bulb Base: B22D
  • Lumen: 700
  • Best and efficient light output upto 100Lm/W
  • High lumen maintenance over rated life
  • Higher lumen output (20-40 percent higher than most competition)
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