Everest EW400 4KVA Stabilizer (White) for Rs.825

Everest EW400 4KVA StabilizerStay safe and protect your air conditioner from voltage fluctuation with the Everest EW400 4KVA Stabilizer features ultra slim design, toroidal transformers, 40% power savings, solid state circuitry technology, noise-free and user-friendly display.

This Everest EW400 4KVA Stabilizer features ultra slim and space saving design that doesn't add bulk and occupies very less space. It is used to provide consistent output voltage when the load varies or when voltage fluctuates to give complete protection to your air conditioner. For advance safety, it is equipped with latest German technology based toroidal transformer that has lower external magnetic field and low operating temperature. This transformer ensures less heating and enhances the life of the stabilizer. It reduces the power consumption and lets you save power by 40%. It has a user friendly display and enables noise free operation. Its sophisticated solid state circuitry technology provides optimum quality performance and maintains the stable output voltage whenever the output voltage falls or rises beyond the preset voltage. The intelligent time delay enables the AC compressor to get proper balancing time during power cuts and eliminates air conditioner start time delay.

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High and low voltage management

While we do have control over what kind of air conditioner we use and the temperature settings, we cannot ensure that the input voltage is consistent and within the safe limits as prescribed by our AC brand. This is why the Everest EW 400 Delux Voltage Stabilizer plays an important role when there are high or low voltage spikes in the power supply. The intervention of the stabilizer can ensure that there is a cut-off triggered so that your compressor doesn’t face irreversible damage.

40% savings on power bills

The Everest EW 400 Delux Voltage Stabilizer is a great choice if you are looking to cut down on your power bills. The stabilizer effectively manages to protect your air conditioner from voltage irregularities without consuming excess power. It also functions noiselessly, thus adding to its many attributes.

Instant start feature

The EW 400 Delux can be considered to be a smart voltage stabilizer. It offers not just efficiency but also the intelligence to handle situations that could lead to voltage surges. It offers an instant start feature so that once the power is back on, it is up and ready to protect your air conditioner from excess power. It also offers a time delay feature that comes into play when power is switched to mains, when a power is restored after a cut. This gives your air conditioner time to manage the input power.

Toroidal transformer technology

The stabilizer employs the state of the art German technology known as Toroidal Transformer for additional safety. The unique toroidal shape ensures that minimum magnetic flux escapes outside the core, thus reducing the electromagnetic interference to nearby circuits or equipment. With this stabilizer you can be confident of optimum quality and performance for a long period.

Attractive design

While voltage stabilizers are not known for their good looks, the Everest EW 400 Delux Voltage Stabilizer is designed to look sleek and modern. It is wall mountable and slim and thus saves space.

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