Expansion Goals Set by Micromill SK Met Efficiently

Recent successful expansion efforts for the Slovak low density polyethylene manufacturer hinting at a good year.

Bratislava, Slovakia, July 24, 2015 --( Micromill SK, a veteran in PE powder manufacturing for plastic coating, has steadily met its Europe-wide expansion goals. Their push for active new market penetration in low density polyethylene powder has brought in rewards.

Micromill SK has been providing customers from a broad spectrum of industries good quality thermoplastic paint for years. Micromill SK�s plastic coatings feature good adhesion properties and convenient use by eliminating the need for metal degreasing before applying the plastic coating, making phosphating merely recommended, but not essential.

Recently, Micromill SK successfully expanded their ventures across most of Central and Western Europe. As the demand for their LDPE polyethylene powders Polisint, which involves electrostatic and electrokinetic spray coating, and Thermofix, used in a Fluid Bed Powder Coating process increases, so do the horizons of new goals for Micromill SK broaden.

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