Facebook is now blocking ads from competitor, Hike Messenger

facebook Hike MessengerHome-grown Hike Messenger has accused Facebook of blocking an option in its advertisements which lets people visit the chatting application�s website.

Run by Kavin Mittal, son of Bharti Enterprises Chairman Sunil Mittal, Hike competes with Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Hike is owned by a joint venture of Bharti and Japan�s SoftBank.

Hike Spoke man said: �Advertisers have, among other options, the option to �send people to your website�. A few weeks back, we were suddenly blocked from using this option while we were able to use other non action-led options,�

Facebook said: �There are specific products and services that cannot be advertised on Facebook � looks like Hike is one of these.

Over-the-top (OTT) players such as Hike and WhatsApp use internet to offer voice and messaging services to consumers.

Hike had recently became the second largest messaging app in India with 70 million users. The app was launched in December 2012 and has raised USD 86 million from Tiger Global and BSB till date.

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