Facial Recognition or Not Bundling People on Google Photos? Fixed

Google Photos protects your library of photos and videos by not only backing up your images to the cloud but also syncing them to all your mobile devices and computers. It's also a useful digital asset manager that does a nice job of helping you organize all your media files so they're easy to find. Google Photos have many features which will help to organize your Photos and Videos.

Google Photos also comes with Free unlimited cloud photo storage within resolution limits, Attractive, ad-free interface, Solid facial recognition, Well integrated with Android, Suggests photo sharing and many more features which users love to use every day. Google Photos app have more than One billion downloads on Google Play Store.

Being said that, Google Photos also comes with many issues, in many cases no much support from Google Photos Support team.

In this article we will talk about the Facial recognition feature in which many users are facing the issues. And there is no concreate response from Google Photos on this.

Here are few suggestions to fix the Facial recognition feature issue on Google Photos:

Check if the Face Grouping is enabled (See Photos of your favorite people grouped by similar faces) on your Google Photos App settings.

To check the same please refer the screenshots below:


If its enabled and still not working, here is the solution:
Please go to Android settings -> Apps -> Go to Google Photos - Clear the Data and Cache.
Once this is done, open the Google Photos app and it will start syncing the photos. Check back after few hours, you can view the Photos of your favorite people grouped by similar faces as "People" under Google Photo App's Search Tab.

Hope this works for you. Please let us know if you are facing any other issues on Google photos in the comment box below.


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