Fashion Concept GmbH: Jeremy Meeks to conquer fashion world

We are experiencing a time of social and technological revolution.
Fashion Concept GmbH is not just a pioneer, it has also been able to sign a deal
with one of the icons of the fashion industry, former "hot felon"
Jeremy Meeks.

FRANKFURT, GERMANY�- EQS Newswire - 27 September
2019 -�Fashion
Concept GmbH
focuses on the international trade in textiles. By
using sustainable materials and promoting investment in new technologies, the
company aims to ensure the long-term availability of environmentally-friendly

Jeremy Meeks

The company's goal is to set new standards for sustainability. To reinforce
this goal, Fashion Concept has just signed a $15 million deal with Jeremy
Meeks to develop his own brand.

For Meeks, who has been a regular presence on the catwalk for various
fashion designers, this collaboration means a higher profile and a wider
audience, because not only will he be a top model, but he will also be
marketing his own fashion label. It is not just this mega deal that is a
milestone in Jeremy's career; his private life is also on the upswing. He was
recently photographed with a well-known actress.

But things are not just on the upswing for Jeremy: Fashion Concept GmbH, with its
focus on uniquely innovative and sustainable technologies, is making a bold
move with this deal as it seeks to drive forward change in the fashion
industry. Fashion Concept aims to expand the growth in fashion and lifestyle

Higher revenues are being generated each year on Germany's fashion market,
in retail and, in particular, through online business; private investors, too,
will soon have the opportunity to benefit from this growth. The profit margins
of often up to 30% will be of particular interest for investors.

This is precisely the market segment where Fashion Concept is active. In
international trade, the company has seen a growth of almost 300% in its sales
over the last two years alone. The company is already making profits in
purchasing, since it can access its own production facilities in Turkey. In
addition, merchandise such as textiles and accessories from many top manufacturers
are being produced and purchased at very favourable conditions. The opportunity
to purchase at high volumes allows savings of up to 90% to be achieved.

The company plans to purchase further top textile brands in 2020. This will
not only expand its product offerings significantly, it will also have a direct
impact on prices.

The group works with numerous distributors, allowing it to be able to choose
the most efficient marketing channel for its products at all times. In this
way, it can maximise the revenue from the quick sale of its merchandise.

The company does not rely on bank loans, but instead uses subordinated
loans, bonds, profit participation rights, and silent partnerships for
individuals who can directly benefit from the company's growth with a fixed
return, currently at three to five percent.

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