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FENIX360 Rolls Out Worldwide to Help Artists Live Off Their Art

Built to support independent artists, the platform will provide revenue streams that bypass traditional industry formats and transform their ability to make a living from their work

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#FENIX--FENIX360 announces its global launch today ushering in a radical departure from traditional and exploitative creative industry structures.

Chairman and CEO Allan Klepfisz declared: �We�re extremely excited to have reached this juncture. To our surprise and joy we are launching with 1,000+ FENIX Global Artist Ambassadors. We intend to return shortly with hard facts about our roll-out. But first come facts, not boasts. There will hopefully soon be a time to crow. We want all our communications to be based on substance not spin or even fervent belief.�

President Lance Ford observed: �We are thrilled to be launching. The FENIX platform is unconventional and more transparent in multiple ways. Our approach to marketing is likewise. We are reticent to highlight our prospects, however likely they are to be fulfilled. Let�s first get the job done.�

Head of Operations, Tomas Varga said: �We are fully focused on our unique product and its distribution. It�s time to have our heads down and do our roll-out justice.�

Global Head of Artist Liaison, and NYC-based Director, Creator of Theater, TV, and Film, Will Nunziata observed: �I am doing somewhere between 10 to 15 FENIX Ambassador interviews a day and every one of them has been incredibly moving and inspiring. There is an extraordinary joy in documenting each artist�s journey and having the demand to join FENIX dramatically escalate as it has. But it�s clear to see that whether the artist is from LA or NYC, Beijing, Sydney, or London, they are all in need of connecting and collaborating with others. I am fully booked until mid-December with daily interviews and thrilled to be a part of building an unparalleled base of passionate, committed artists.�

Global Head of Artist Outreach, Content Czar and NYC based Producer, Composer, Singer and Advocate for Artist rights, Ashley Jana, noted: �FENIX is really what I�ve been looking for in terms of its intense focus on improving the revenue and autonomy of artists and its grassroots approach. I can�t wait until we report on the results of our intense efforts.�

About FENIX360

FENIX360 is an artist-centric social media app designed to also allow an artist with a limited following to have a chance of living off their art. And it is intended to provide users with a more engaging, fun platform. FENIX is represented by 1000+ FENIX Global Artist Ambassadors who are passionate about the platform and its purpose. FENIX360 is underpinned by blockchain technology and among the first globally distributed consumer decentralized apps (dApps).

The current version of FENIX360 app is in Google Play and the App Store. If you don�t find it in your region today, it will be rolling out shortly.


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