Five Home Remedies to get rid of Dandruff

Home Remedies to get rid of DandruffSporting dandruff flakes in your hair is one of the biggest things you can do wrong on a first date. This embarrassing problem usually gets the best of you. We give you five home remedies that work like a charm and promise not to disappoint. Try these Home Remedies for your Dandruff problem and post the results in the comment section below.

Make a citrusy pal out of this wonder fruit. Lemon helps you lose weight, it helps you do tequila shots, and if that wasn�t enough, it helps you fight dandruff. Repeat this twice a week. Take half a lemon and apply the juice all over your scalp and wet hair. Leave it on for about five minutes. Then rinse.

Baking soda paste
Add a little water to about a spoon of baking soda and rub it on your scalp. Leave it on for three minutes. Baking soda fights against any chemicals that you put in your hair. Rinse and follow this once a week to be flake free and beautiful.

Similar to what your nimbudha does, vinegar too will take you one step closer to dandruff free hair. Add about five ml of vinegar to half a bucket of lukewarm water and use it to rinse your hair after you have washed your tresses with a mild shampoo. Follow this ritual twice a week.

Aspirin is a miracle drug and it can do everything that Wonder wWoman can. Well, almost. Crush an aspirin and add it to a mild shampoo before you wash your hair. Follow this medicated ritual three times a week. Stick to it religiously and you will never see those dreaded white flakes again.

This one comes out from your daadi ka nuskha book. Boil four neem leaves in half a cup of water. Leave it overnight. Then wash your hair with the neem water. You can use your regular shampoo after this step. Do this every alternate day.

Hay, Don't forget to wash your hair daily.

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