FlipBuilder Releases Flip PDF Professional for Page Flip eBook Creation

FlipBuilder recently released Flip PDF Professional expected to change the narratives in the creation of page flip eBooks.

Hong Kong, China, August 14, 2019 --( FlipBuilder, a global technology leader, is disrupting the norms in the creation of page flip eBooks with the launch of Flip PDF Professional. The software developed by the leading hands in software programming is expected to add value to the process e-publishers go through to produce page flip eBooks.

Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipBuilder, and his team believe that the newly released software improves the time-wasting process of converting PDF files into page flip eBooks by reducing the time it takes to produce page flip eBooks. “Flip PDF Professional comes with tools that help users carry out tasks 10x faster than conventional software thereby also increasing the productivity of e-publishing firms,” said Winston.

FlipBuilder is known for helping companies thrive in their business. The company has a proven track record of meeting the software needs of e-publishing companies. According to Winston, the company researched the digital publishing industry to ascertain the challenges faced by publishers and readers of digital products like eBooks, brochures, and many more. The research revealed that there is a need for software that will create a page flip eBook from a PDF file in little time.

The CEO opined that the findings of the research led to the development of Flip PDF Professional. FlipBuilder is offering the software for free download on its website currently. The move is to encourage publishing firms to have the software installed on their PCs at no cost. In Zhang’s words, “Using our Flip PDF Professional is at no cost to users, and they only have to take a few steps to start using it. The free version is no different from the paid but for a few extra advanced features, which are only needed by firms who intend to go outside the box with their page flip eBook creation.”

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder provides the leading digital publishing solutions for its ever-increasing global user base. The company focuses on simplicity in use and innovative functionalities from design to delivery. Its software, Flip PDF Professional, is ideal for creating interactive eBooks. For more information, please visit

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