FlipHTML5 Launches a Magazine Creator for Making and Printing Magazines

FlipHTML5 launched a magazine creator that helps users design stylish magazines that can be downloaded or printed for easy reading.

Hong Kong, China, November 22, 2019 --( FlipHTML5 has today announced the launch of its magazine creator to marketers and publishers across the world. The software enables users to create eye-catching magazines for their audiences. FlipHTML5 is offering responsive software that is developed using innovative technology to help its clients meet the expectations of their customers. Audiences have access to both soft and printed copies of different editions for reading at their convenience. FlipHTML5 understands that many enterprises currently rely on technologically enhanced products to prevail in the competitive digital market.

FlipHTML5 is one of the most highly recognized developers of digital publishing software in the world. From its inception as a turnkey software developer, FlipHTML5 has trended with the digital marketing evolution by offering smart solutions that add value to many mission-critical industries such as fashion, engineering, entertainment, retail, and much more. The magazine creator is one of the many intuitive software products that highlight the works of FlipHTML5 and its efforts to revolutionize how digital advertising strategies can work for clients online.

“Our goal for launching this software is to empower our clients with tools to present their readers with incredible, fun to read and actionable magazines,” said Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5. “We know that excellent magazine designs can help them build relationships and expose their brands to many people online and offline. With enhancements such as Android app creation, e-commerce integration, self-hosting capabilities, and more, users can reach out to a broader audience base and persuade them to take action. This will not only earn them recurring income but will also grow their businesses.”

FlipHTML5’s expertise in developing outcome-based software makes it an ideal partner who is focused on the success of its clients. Its knowledge of the digital marketing demands in the market and extensive track record positions it as the people’s choice for digital publishing software. Clients who utilize the magazine creator have access to result-oriented tools for designing magazines that will impress all readers. They can use the different collections of templates and themes, rich multimedia, notes and annotations and many other features to make magazines in different styles that will convey the message to the audiences.

The new version of magazine creator is designed for users who need interaction skills to engage and influence people online. It helps to improve their marketing techniques in order to attract more customers using standout magazine designs. Everything FlipHTML5 has put out when developing the software ensures that users create unique and daring pieces that appeal to all types of audiences. The ability to print selected pages or whole magazine editions makes it easy for readers to choose what information they need and act on it.

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