Floating University-World Oddyssey- Arrived at Kochi, Kerala

Floating University-World Oddyssey,   After Visiting Yokohama, Japan ,Kobe, Japan ,Shanghai, China Hong Kong, China Ho Chi Minh City, Vi?t Nam, Rangoon, Burma ,  Now arrived at Kochi- the famouse Port in South India, today early morning.

SPRING 2016 A Voyage Around the World starts January 05, 2016 and ends at April 16, 2016. Their Plan is to visit countries around the world and study.

In India they Spend two nights with a local family in the Allepey backwaters as part of a cultural homestay,
Visit the Ganges River at dawn
Learn about Ayurvedic alternative medical treatment practices
Partner with a social worker for a day tending to the needs of local children at the Saandhwanam Charitable Society orphanage
Discover the splendor of the Taj Mahal
Ride in a rickshaw.

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